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A Quick Guide To Guy Grip

A blog article on the different types of guy grip. What they are, how they work, and what you should do to prevent them.

Introduction of Guy Grip

Henvcon guy grip is the world’s best-preformed guy grip for connecting and gripping the conductor, grounding wire, and optical fiber application.

According to the application needs, the guy grip includes dead end cable grips and dead end grip. The guy grip has helically formed legs with inert grits on every turn that holds the messenger wire, conductor, or fiber optic cable securely.

Types of Guy Grips

There exist different types of dead-end grips in the market. Since these accessories are used for different applications and diverse environments, it is impossible to come up with one universal accessory.

Let’s have a brief overview of the types of dead-end grips:

Guy grips are common for guying poles which are used in the construction, power, and telecommunication industries.

The presence of off-set tips on these guy grips enhances its ease of installation.

Safety Precautions

Guy grip dead end should be used on hardware that’s held during a fixed position; the fitting shouldn’t be allowed to rotate or spin. The lay direction of both the Dead-ends and therefore the strand should be the same. Unless otherwise specified, all guy strand is left-hand lay. Guy grip dead end is a precision device. To ensure proper performance, it ought to be stored in cartons undercover and handled carefully.


Using a guy grip dead end is the best way to avoid potential electrical hazards regarding wiring. Guys grips are designed to prevent electric shock by providing a secure connection between two wires.

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