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The Best Mini LED from Refond

If you’re looking for the best mini LED, this article is suitable for you! in the following, this article will talk about the best mini led from Refond and why so many people choose Refond!

Benefits of Mini LED

Mini LEDs are becoming more and more popular because of their many benefits. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should consider using mini LEDs in your projects:

-They’re Compact: Mini LEDs are smaller and more compact than traditional LEDs, making them easier to work with and less noticeable.

-They’re Efficient: Mini LEDs produce more light with less energy than traditional LEDs, which makes them ideal for use in low-power applications.

-They’re Durable: Mini LEDs are tough and can last longer than traditional LEDs. This means they can be used in harsher environments without the risk of breaking.

Why Choose Refond

Having more than 20 years of packing experience, Refond quickly recognized the need for capital investment and research to adapt to the robust flip-chip technology. This mini-LED manufacturer capability has enabled Refond to maintain leadership in the industry as a reliable, safe, and high-quality business for clients of all sizes.

Refond uses two series of projects for mini-LED displays, including COB modules, cabinets, and comprehensive solutions. The other is the uPKG series which is smaller than lead frame type components and enables a smaller board size with higher packing density.

These two product lines enable Refond to meet the demands of pretty much any company and need, from the large-scale advertising display or theatre to the backlight solutions with Mini-COB and Mini-POB technology commonly used to produce high-quality electronics like TVs, phone screens, VR, and more.

The Service of Refond

Refond has maintained its position as a recognized leader in the LED industry. The team at Refond has the technology, experience, and facilities to produce incredibly well-made mini-LED technology that meets the challenges of practically any industry.

Quality & Reliability

Refond has over 20 years of experience as a leading LED packaging solution and semiconductor supplier.

Service & Support

Refond recognizes the need to maintain a quality working relationship with each client. That is why Refond maintains a professional and experienced support team focused on answering any questions, inquiries, or needs of clients with offices in Europe and China.


Refond guarantees excellence with each product as these are the best ambassadors for the company’s manufacturing capabilities.


Refond works hard to introduce as many operating costs saving that can be passed on to clients. However, we always strive to maintain incredibly affordable prices with the highest quality products.


In the end, If you want to start working with the professional team at Refond, visit our website. You’ll find contact information for setting up a consultation for your production needs.

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