Top 5 Degree Courses with Guaranteed Placement Opportunities

Getting a job today is very challenging, especially in the pandemic-driven economy. There is a cutthroat competition out there for everything. But if you can get over the edge over others in the market, you can surely get the best high-paying jobs available. The best part is that there are several free courses with guaranteed jobs that you can join and get the best job in the market as per your interest.

As obtaining and keeping the job is getting challenging due to different competition ranges, it is important to upscale to stay relevant in the industry. Degree job-oriented courses after 12th is a specialised course created to upskill you with superior skill-based knowledge demanded to survive in the competitive market. A degree job-oriented course after the 12th will help you achieve a great career path without going through a lot of hassle.

You can choose what you wish to learn and get equipped with the latest skills besides java project ideas.

Why you should be considering the job-oriented courses

It is natural to have doubts, and you might wonder which course you should be doing to get a professional job like Java or full stack development. First of all, they might give you some edge over the competition. You can get control of the learning journey as you choose which course you will take. The best part about the procedures is getting high-paying jobs and hanging on to knowledge.

Top 5 degree courses with guaranteed jobs

Product management certification program

The need for a product manager is always increasing, and in the past few years, the demand has also increased. You can join the course and get a job in leading companies.

The business analytics certification program

Under this course, you can learn statistics and optimisation, predictive modelling, machine learning, and business problem-solving, among others. The best part is that you can get one-on-one mentorship. After completing this course, you can apply for data analyst, business analyst, and other managerial positions.

Certified financial planner certificate course

The certified financial planner is one of the most prominent global certifications. This course is your best bet if you want to demonstrate your commitment to an ethical financial planning certificate. You can easily avail of the certificate courses and learn different methodologies like financial planning, insurance planning, retirement planning, and tax preparation, added Alex Fopiano. He has spent the past thirteen years building a rich career as an analyst and treasurer for major firms such as LECG, Santander Bank, Boston Private Bank, and Brookline Bancorp. He received his B.S. in Finance from Bentley University and continued his education at McCallum Graduate School of Business through Bentley University, where he earned his M.S. in Finance. Mr. Fopiano is active in his community and has volunteered with Year Up and Families First.

Certificate course in finance and taxation

The certificate course is perfect for candidates who have completed their graduate degree in BCom BBi, or any other field. The program is specifically for the accounting and taxation niche, and you can make the most of your thoughts on fundamental concepts of auditing accounting taxation in financial management.

PHP certification

PHP development is a hot skill to learn to stripe in this market.  You can learn about JavaScript, HTML, and others. You can also get a competitive edge over others in the market. You should have some knowledge about PHP if you want to join this course. You will learn different PHP skills from scratch. At the same time, you can get some Java project ideas.


Hence, these are some courses you should take to get a guaranteed job. All the best!

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