What is Vibration Odds? Instructions on How to Play Vibration Odds Most Effectively

Flutter odds in soccer are known as a classy form of betting that helps people win a lot of money. So how to accurately predict the time of betting in matches? Please follow New88.com To learn more about 100% winning Running Ball betting experiences.

Explain what is shaking odds?

When betting on soccer at a reputable bookmaker, people only know familiar betting forms such as: Handicap, Over/Under or European odds,… There is an impressive type of soccer bet that many players miss: shake bet. For those who don’t know, this form of betting is also called Running Ball.

Flutter bets often appear during the official competition time of attractive competitions. To put it simply, as long as the referee has not blown the whistle to end the match, you can still hit the ring.

The player’s task is to predict when the goal will occur during the match. This type of bet appears quite quickly within just 3 to 5 minutes, so not everyone can bet on Running Ball successfully.

The most popular types of vibrating rafters today

When learning about soccer betting, players will learn about many high-class betting forms of this online soccer odds. Below are some of the hottest ways to play Running Ball in 2023 at New88:

Vibrating round 1

This type of betting takes place in the first 45 minutes of the match so it is often known as HT betting. When betting on Running Ball in the first half, if a goal appears, you will win.

Vibrate FT

Similar to shaking bets in the first half, Running Ball Fulltime players will predict when a goal will occur in the remaining 45 minutes. When you judge correctly, you will receive very valuable bonuses.

Football over/under bets

One of the most played types of bets at New88 is Running Ball Over/Under. This is a form of betting that combines shaking and Over/Under. How to play this form of soccer betting is as follows:

For example, the match has a score of 2-0 and you choose to bet on 2 over/under. Then, the player wins if the match has the following results:

  • From the time the bet is placed until the end of the official match time, if 3 or more goals appear, you bet on Over to win.
  • The match only has 2 more goals, bookmaker New88 will calculate the bet as a draw.
  • If in the remaining time there is only 1 goal scored, you bet Under to receive the full bonus.

In the process of discovering soccer betting, people will also get acquainted with many other outstanding odds. These include corner kicks, Running Ball penalty cards, etc.

Basic rules of vibrating odds for newbies

According to New88 experts, the rules of this form of betting are very simple. Right from the moment the whistle blows, players can participate in predicting the time the goals will appear.
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For shake bets, while the match is still going on you can still place bets. However, this is a type of betting that takes place very quickly and quickly. Therefore, players need to closely follow developments on the field. When the house offers the Running Ball bet, you need to decisively place a bet immediately.

The most effective experience in playing vibrating odds

One of the things that New88 officials are most interested in today is effective odds prediction strategies. To be able to bet on Running Ball successfully, please apply some of the following playing experiences:

  • Play in high-class matches: everyone should choose the main competitions that are most expected by the audience to play. It was a match taking place between big, famous teams, possessing an attack full of superstars. Besides, you can compete in some of the world’s top tournaments: NHA, La Liga, Serie A, C1,…
  • Analyzing the team’s attack and playing tactics: this is an important factor affecting football Running Ball odds. Players should bet on matches of teams with impressive attacking power to increase their chances of winning.
  • Choose when to bet: focus on the first and last 10 minutes of each match. This is the time when goals are most likely to appear according to statistics from New88 experts.

So, we have just decoded shake odds – a super hot type of soccer betting in soccer. It can be seen that Running Ball helps players win a very valuable amount of money. If you want to participate in vibrating betting effectively, don’t forget to come to the most prestigious New88 playground in Vietnam 2023.

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