CEO Hi88 – Nguyen Vu Duy – Journey to elevate the brand

CEO Hi88 – Nguyen Vu Duy known as a co-founder of this house brand. The success of Trang chủ Hi88 The name of this successful young businessman cannot be missing.

Introducing information about the CEO Hi88 – Nguyen Vu Duy

CEO Hi88 known as the king in the online entertainment game industry. Brand developmentHi88 indispensable presence of businessman Nguyen Vu Duy.

CEO Hi88 – Who is Nguyen Vu Duy?

Nguyen Vu Duy is the highest executive director of the bookmaker brandHi88. With the motto that customer satisfaction is the key to success, he constantly researches player needs.

CEO Hi88 – Nguyen Vu Duy is a talented young businessman

The products and services of this house always ensure quality and perfect features. With his growth mindset, he has continuously upgraded servicesHi88 to bring the highest level of playing field.

Under the skillful direction of CEO Nguyen Vu Duy, this bookmaker brand gradually leads on the rankings. The number of players registering accounts has reached millions in just a short time after launch.

Curriculum vitae

Information about young, successful entrepreneursHi88 many people are curious. Issues about his life, career, and success are mentioned as inspiration for young people on their journey to start a career. Below is a summary of his resume:

  • Real name and full name: Nguyen Vu Duy
  • Date of birth: September 9, 19894
  • Living: Current residence is 33 Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City.
  • Education: Bachelor of Economics with honors.
  • Hobbies: Traveling, conquering challenges in life.

The CEO’s admirable educational level Hi88 – Nguyen Vu Duy

CEO Hi88 – Nguyen Vu Duy Graduated from University of Economics majoring in Business Administration with a full scholarship. He also had time to study in the US before returning to Vietnam to develop the corporationHi88 like nowadays.

Nguyen Vu Duy has a remarkable education

During his studies, Nguyen Vu Duy always achieved maximum scores and received awards for his research and ideas. Even when he was an excellent student, he had a passion for business, especially the gaming industry.

The young CEO has realized that the entertainment online game market has a lot of development potential. That’s why he was not afraid to go to developed countries to learn about the most modern technology. The president’s success can be seenHi88 His efforts to learn are indispensable.
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Brand development journey Hi88 by businessman Nguyen Vu Duy

Nguyen Vu Duy has more than 11 years of experience in the field of online entertainment games. The young businessman has succeeded in bringing this prestigious bookmaker brand to the top on review forums.

TrademarkHi88 grow strongly in a short time

His passionate dedication to the brand Hi88 is beyond debate. Not only that, he and his prestigious company are also active members in charity activities for the community.

Nguyen Vu Duy and this house brand promise to develop even more brilliantly in the future. The proof is that the number of members at this house continues to increase over time. At the same time, the reputation of this playground on the house rankings has quickly improved in the top 10.

Brand development Hi88 under the leadership of Nguyen Vu Duy

DealerHi88 is the first brainchild of Nguyen Vu Duy. Therefore, he put a lot of enthusiasm and continuous improvement into this playground. Every bettor, after experiencing it, will rate this as a classy gaming address.

Fair and transparent policy

The house’s policies and regulations are carefully considered before being announced to players. All operating principles here have been tried and applied successfully at major bookmakers around the world.

All players’ rights are guaranteed by the CEO Hi88 priority comes first. Therefore, bettors who participate in the experience here feel secure. Clear and transparent public policy to members when registering to play.

Service meets 5-star standards

The support service system at this house surprises players with its professionalism. You will experience modern features, along with a professional gaming and reward system.

The customer service support staff here are thoroughly trained before being put to work. Make sure you will feel 5-star service like at major casinos in the world.


CEO Hi88 – Nguyen Vu Duy is a successful young businessman in today’s market. Betting products and services at this reputable house are always ready to welcome you to experience at any time.

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