How to play Blackjack online Kèo nhà cái always wins

Blackjack is one of the card games that is quite interesting and brings a feeling of suspense to players. So how to play blackjack? What is the experience of playing Blackjack to always win? Let’s Kèo nhà cái Find out through the article below.
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Instructions on how to play Blackjack and always win from experts

Blackjack or Blackjack is one of the most popular forms of games involving Western cards. Blackjack is popular with many people due to its simple rules. To win, players must understand how to play cards, as well as possess rich playing experience. Below Kèo nhà cái shares with you a simple way to play Blackjack that you should not miss:

Understand how the cards are scored

We have cards from: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 to 10, the number of points corresponds to the number. As for the cards: J, Q, K, each card will be counted as 10 points.

In particular, card A is flexibly counted as 1 point, 10 points or 11 points, depending on the intention of the person holding that card. The total score is the score of all the cards you have added together.

There are special cases in Blackjack that players need to pay attention to

Some terms in the Blackjack game and special cases you should know, specifically as follows:

  • Poker: A term referring to 2 AA cards.
  • Blackjack: term for 1 A card and 1 additional card from 10, J, Q, K.

(Note: If the dealer has both of the above cases, the dealer will win (except the dealer has a card equal to or higher than the dealer)).

  • Ngu Linh: A term that refers to having 5 cards in your hand with a total score of less than 21.
  • Over 21 points: The player is considered a loser as in other cases.
  • Pay cards: If you have exceeded 21 points and still draw more cards, and if discovered, you will be paid cards and lose.

Detailed steps to play Blackjack for beginners

The steps to play Blackjack at Kèo nhà cái are as follows:

Step 1: With a deck of 52 cards, deal 2 cards to each player. Depending on the number of points, the player draws or does not draw, the players will take turns drawing and the dealer will draw last.

Step 2: The player has the right to draw more cards (draw) or not (drag), so that the number of points in your hand is about 16 points (cannot be less than 16) to 21. The drawing of cards is done. appears in a clockwise circle.

Step 3: After the player has finished drawing the cards, the dealer has the right to check the player’s cards if he has received 15 points or more.

The secret to helping you always win when playing Blackjack

If you want to win in the Blackjack card game, the first thing you need to do is understand how to play blackjack. Only then should you think about tricks and tips on how to win. And right now Kèo nhà cái will help you have the highest chance of winning when playing Blackjack, let’s follow along to see what it is!

When playing Blackjack, you should pay attention to the points

Points from 18 to 20: In this case you should not withdraw, for players who own this point, the win rate is from 60 to 80%.
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Points 16 to 17: With this point, players are quite confused, only a few people choose to stop and not withdraw anymore, but the win rate is usually very low, to know whether to withdraw or stop. then you must have the most general view.

This means that when you pay attention to the players before you, if you see them draw a card and then not draw it again, we advise you not to draw more cards, because the odds of drawing a card are very high. High. When you see them draw 2 -3 cards in a row, draw again, because they have definitely drawn a small card, so the odds of the next small card being drawn will be high.

Usually the big cards are attached to each other, and the same goes for the small cards. So you need to grasp this rule and apply it to the game to have a higher win rate.

Milestone from 11 – 15: With this milestone, you definitely have to withdraw more. With this milestone, the key point lies in the first piece and is often highly lucky. Please draw 1 unlucky card and apply the cases in 1 of the 2 milestones above to see if you should continue to draw or not!

Milestones from 3 to 10: You can freely draw the 1st card without hesitation, then next apply the card drawing methods of the above milestones.


Make good use of the points when playing Blackjack in the article to bring you victory. So Kèo nhà cái has just given instructions on how to play blackjack as well as some good experiences of playing blackjack shared by the players with you. Hope this information is useful to readers, especially to players who are new to this card game.

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