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Unleashing the Power of the Industrial Solar Power System

Introducing the Sunway Scholar Industrial Hybrid Solar System, featuring models ranging from 30kW to 150kW, designed to provide robust energy solutions for industrial applications. This hybrid solar system incorporates a microgrid concept, combining solar power systems, energy storage systems, and the option to connect with a generator.

Reliable Energy Generation with Solar Power

The Sunway Scholar Industrial Hybrid Solar System is built around a solar power system, including high-performance inverters and solar panels. These components efficiently capture sunlight and convert it into electricity, providing a clean and renewable energy source for industrial applications. The system’s MPPT solar charge controller ensures maximum solar output, optimizing energy generation and utilization.

Energy Storage and Microgrid Capability for Enhanced Reliability

The Industrial Hybrid Solar System incorporates a flexible energy storage system, allowing businesses to choose between AGM, GEL, or lithium batteries based on their specific requirements. This energy storage capability ensures reliable power availability, even during periods of low or no solar generation. The system’s microgrid functionality enables seamless integration with a generator, providing additional backup power when needed.


The industrial solar power system combines solar power generation, energy storage, and microgrid capabilities. By harnessing solar energy, businesses can reduce their reliance on traditional energy sources and decrease their carbon footprint. The system’s energy storage ensures an uninterrupted power supply, while the microgrid functionality allows seamless integration with a generator for additional backup power.

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