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Spring Loaded Pins Smartphone Application

What is a Spring Loaded Pin?

With the explosion of new smartphone apps and technologies, it’s no wonder that spring loaded pins have started to play a more important role in our daily lives.

Spring-loaded pins connectors provide a reliable electrical connection in the most rigorous environments. These interconnect components are typically used as the base unit (battery/charger) interface for portable equipment such as mobile phones/radios, barcode readers, medical, and test instruments.

The Spring Loaded Pin is a new piece of hardware that could be incredibly useful on smartphones and other electronic devices. The pin can act as a button, joystick, or trackpad, and it can be activated by pressing down on it with a finger. This could make it easier to use touchscreens on phones and other devices.

The spring loaded pin could also be used for navigation in apps. By pressing down on the pin, users could navigate their device through menus or screens. Additionally, the pin could be used as a mouse pointer in desktop applications.


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