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What Else can a Multipurpose Pencil Case do?

The multifunctional pencil case can be used for many purposes. It can be used to mount pens, pencils, highlighters, and students. This is a very wide item, which makes it a great addition to any table.

When you come to Sunled stationery, each stationery has its characteristics.

  1. Economical – If you are on a budget for purchasing costs, a pencil case is a good option as it is not as expensive as other more professional writing tools. Sunled stationery does not limit minimum orders, you can place an order according to your budget.
  2. Quality is guaranteed – The multifunctional stationery box for loading and unloading stationery is a children’s stationery box made of ABS plastic/ABS plastic+PVC+metal. It is compressible, impactful, and durable. It can completely protect the stationery box in the stationery.
  3. Large capacity and complete function, can hold five pencils. This kid’s pencil case also features a separate rubber rubbing space, scroll knife, hidden calculator, and timetable card on the stationery cover. This style of this versatile pencil case will appeal to your kids and clients.
  4. The pencil case can be customized by OEM, and the color and pattern can be customized in batches, and packaged with the customer’s request.

If needed, it comes naturally. Sunled stationery will provide you with high-quality, cost-effective, personalized multifunctional pencil cases!

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