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Some Facts About YTOT

Optical lenses are state-of-the-art devices, and YTOT is one of the leading suppliers of these products. Learn all there is to know about the YTOT Lens right away!

An overview of YTOT

A reputable optical lens manufacturer in China is YTOT. Their primary areas of focus include production, marketing, and after-sales service for optical lenses. The products are mostly used in high-precision optical monitoring systems, smart homes, businesses, and automobiles.

Why select YTOT?

  1. A highly qualified research and development team

The staff at YTOT’s R&D technology center consistently preserves independent innovation while becoming specialists in the core technology used in the sector. The YTOT staff has become more professional as they have gained more experience.

  1. The advantage of manufacturing

YTOT strives to establish an automation transition to achieve efficient and high-quality production.

  1. Technology and innovation

Several distortions can be successfully corrected and image quality is considerably improved by using aspherical lenses.

Low-dispersion glass material effectively corrects both axial chromatic aberration at the telephoto end and vertical chromatic aberration at the wide-angle end.

Night and day confocal The lens’s near-infrared and visible imaging surfaces almost overlap thanks to an inventive optical design, enabling imaging day or night.


Producing high-quality products is essential for a firm, and this assurance can provide partners with a strong sense of brand confidence. There is no doubt that YTOT is capable of offering warranties for products and technologies. If you wish to wholesale optical lenses, YTOT is your first choice.

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