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Impactful Ways to Give Your Living Room a Contemporary Touch

Giving your living room a contemporary touch is the best decision you can take to give your house a fresh and enticing look. But it isn’t as relatively easy as it looks. Some people confuse contemporary with modern design. Though the two share many similarities, they aren’t identical. If you want your livingroom paintings to reflect a contemporary look, you have to be careful with the decisions you make. 

For those who don’t know, contemporary design is more forward-looking and exudes a softer visual or aesthetic than a modern look. If you have a dated design in your living room that you wish you change, follow our top tips that are certain to help you make a smooth transformation from a dated to a contemporary living room. 

  • Keep it Simple & Minimalistic

The beauty of contemporary designs lies in their minimalistic designs. If you check a few contemporary living room designs, you’ll notice none uses complex designs and too many fancy adornments. To make your living room contemporary, select tables, couches, chairs, and other furnishings featuring gentle curves, smooth lines, and low profile. One thing to remember is never to pick a furnishing item that is too big to create an imbalanced look. 

  • Pick a Shade from Neutral Color Palettes

While you can pick any shade that most small house Indian house color combination outside is applied, you have to be really picky while selecting a shade for your living room walls. Since you want a contemporary living room design, draw color inspiration from the neutral and popular color palettes of today. You can either pick one color for the entire room or proceed with dual colors in mind. In case you’re applying different colors, make sure all the shades naturally complement each other. If you’re out of ideas, start by looking for hues in greys, whites, and taupes. These shades together create a soothing atmosphere. 

  • Place Colorful Elements in the Room

Since you’ll be sticking to neutral color shades, you should avoid placing elements of the exact same color palette. Bold and neutrals have always been an excellent combination; you just have to be creative with the right element picks. If you’re painting your living room with different hues or textures or grey and white, invest in some vibrant throws, couch pillows, rugs, etc. The resultant contrast will be visually pleasing and give your living room a high-end look. 

  • Get “One” Wow Element for Your Living Room

A mistake some people make is filling their space with too many fancy furnishing or decorative elements. The beauty of contemporary designs is you get an opportunity to create a wow moment, but it should be restricted to just “one.” It can be a fancy coffee table, a boldly designed chandelier, or something you like. Placing one wow element in the entire room is ideal for maximum impact.

An additional piece of advice here is that in case you decide on a chandelier or any such electric item to be your choice for adding a wow element to your living room, it is better to call a professional like electrician perth for this service. Chandeliers are often made up of glass or crystals and can be very heavy. Thus, attempting to put up a chandelier on your own can be very dangerous for this reason and also because doing the electrical fittings yourself without any expertise in it can lead to electrical faults, etc. So, it’s better to avoid the same. Just select the best chandelier for your room, get the professional to fit it and you are all set for experiencing some exciting and peaceful vibes in your living room.

A contemporary design is soothing, simple, and attention-grabbing. You can create magic in your living room if you know how to elegantly integrate contemporary vibes into your space. Even if you have never really done it before, our tips shared above are certain to make things a lot easier for you. So follow all the tips shared above and proudly flaunt your contemporary living room. 

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