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Hermetix: Unleashing the Power of Glass-to-Metal Sealed Headers

Hermetix, a renowned industry leader, introduces the TO-60 glass to metal sealed headers, epitomizing reliability and performance in hermetically sealed packages. Featuring advanced glass-to-metal sealed technology, these headers provide optimal protection for sensitive components. With their robust construction and superior sealing capabilities, TO-60 headers offer a secure and stable environment for critical applications, ensuring seamless integration and long-lasting performance.

Advanced Glass-to-Metal Sealed Technology

The TO-60 headers from Hermetix leverage advanced glass-to-metal sealed technology, which is a hallmark of reliability and performance. This innovative sealing method involves fusing glass and metal components together, creating a hermetic seal that is impervious to external factors such as moisture, dust, and contaminants. The glass-to-metal seal ensures the integrity and protection of sensitive electronic components, safeguarding them against environmental hazards and ensuring their long-term functionality.

Furthermore, this sealing technology provides exceptional thermal stability, allowing the TO-60 headers to withstand extreme temperatures and thermal cycles. This resilience makes them suitable for demanding applications where reliable performance is essential.

Secure and Stable Environment for Critical Applications

The TO-60 headers’ robust construction and superior sealing capabilities create a secure and stable environment for critical applications. With Hermetix’s TO-60 headers, you can have confidence in the seamless integration of your sensitive components, knowing that they are protected from external influences that could compromise their performance.

The glass-to-metal seal provides a reliable barrier against moisture ingress, preventing corrosion and potential damage to the enclosed components. The headers’ stable environment also ensures consistent electrical performance, making them ideal for applications that require precise and reliable operation.


As Thanksgiving Day draws near, we extend gratitude to valued customers for their unwavering support and trust in Hermetix’s glass-to-metal sealed headers. The TO-60 headers embody the epitome of reliability and performance in hermetically sealed packages, offering optimal protection for sensitive components. Experience the confidence of seamless integration and long-lasting performance with latest TO-60 headers. Choose Hermetix as your trusted partner for glass-to-metal sealed headers, and unlock the power of reliability and performance for your critical applications.

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