Fontainian Local Legends in Genshin Impact

Looking for Genshin Impact accounts? Explore a variety of Genshin Impact accounts for sale at U7BUY. As you explore the captivating land of Fontaine in Genshin Impact, you’ll encounter challenging mini-bosses known as Fontainian Local Legends. There are fourteen of these foes, each with unique challenges, elemental weaknesses, and species.

Ocean Circuit Judge

Location: The Great Fontaine Lake 

This massive crab mini-boss is like a tennis player, using the Xenochromatic Crab’s shield to hit back fish for substantial damage. Find it underwater south of the Court of Fontaine.

Iron Viscount

Location: Underwater cave in Elynas 

Similar to the Ocean Circuit Judge, the Iron Viscount plays tennis with pufferfish. Find this mini-boss after completing the boiling water puzzle in the hot spring.

Rocky Avildsen

Location: Northeast of the Weeping Willow of The Lake 

Rocky Avildsen is a human mini-boss who relies on strength and flying fists. Dodge or shield against his punches for a straightforward fight.

The Swords of The Gorge


-Pale Forgotten Glory

– Thalatta Submarine Canyon 

These twin pairs of Hunter Rays have identical playstyles and attacks. Use the Xenochromatic Hunter Ray’s ability to slice through both Legends’ charged attacks at once.

Fading Veteran and Dobharcu


– Fading Veteran: Elton Trench.

– Dobharcu: Chemin de LEspoir 

These giant Blubberbeasts use Sonar Wave attacks. Exploit the Xenochromatic Blubberbeast’s ability to send them back to the depths.

Ninianne of The Lake

Location: Northern edge of the Beryl region 

Ninianne, an elemental mini-boss, attacks with Hydro AOE effects and spinning attacks. A strong team with Hyperbloom or Vaporize abilities can quickly defeat her.

Vivianne of The Lake

Location: North of the Court of Fontaine 

Similar to Ninianne but more formidable, Vivianne uses water beams and cannons. Use a strong shield or dodging, along with Hyperbloom or Vaporize reactions, for this encounter.

Automated Supercomputing Field Generator

Location: Northeast of the Central Laboratory Ruins 

This Local Legend alters gravity, providing higher jumps and more plunging attack opportunities. Characters with Geo abilities like Zhongli or Noelle can tackle this encounter effectively.


Weeping Willow of The Lake 

Liam, an illustrious Fontainian, fights with a combination of guitar rocking and potions. Apply Hydro to turn his attacks against him. Find him east of the Weeping Willow of The Lake, near a small pond.


Location: Underneath the Tower of Ipsissimus 

This challenging mini-boss takes damage from underwater attacks, making the battle more manageable with time and persistence.


Location: South of Mont Esus East 

Yseut, a new form of Fatui operative in Fontaine, is a formidable opponent. Bring your own healer to counter her healing abilities introduced in version 4.0.

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