Preparing an amazon inauthentic appeal for their account suspended due to inauthentic claims is one of the most daunting issues an Amazon seller can face. This happens when Amazon questions the genuineness, quality or source of the products you sell. This can happen due to various reasons: customer complaints, competitor reports or Amazon’s own monitoring system.

In this article, we’ll provide a concise guide on addressing an Amazon inauthentic suspension by generating an amazon inauthentic appeal and discuss the option of utilizing a reinstatement service like Amazoker to swiftly reinstate your account.

Detailed guides to handle an Amazon Inauthentic Suspension

Steps to Appeal & Reinstate your selling privileges.

When you receive a notification of account suspension due to unverified reasons, you need to follow these steps to appeal and restore your selling privileges:

  • Step 1: Review the Suspension

Upon receiving a suspension notice from Amazon due to inauthenticity, thoroughly review the notice, which typically contains specifics about the issue, including the affected ASINs, customer complaints, and supporting evidence.

  • Step 2: Assess the Issue

Once you’ve grasped the suspension notice, evaluate the situation. Determine whether the flagged products are genuinely inauthentic or if there’s room for clarification. Review your product listings, sourcing processes, and relevant documents to effectively address the concerns.

  • Step 3: Create an Action Plan

Amazon expects sellers to present a comprehensive plan to resolve the inauthenticity problem. Your plan should outline the steps you’ll take to ensure product authenticity and accuracy. This may involve enhancing your product listings, updating sourcing methods, and providing clear evidence of your commitment to genuine products.

  • Step 4: Submit Your Appeal

Submit your appeal via Amazon Seller Central with your action plan in hand. Ensure your appeal is concise and addresses each point in the suspension notice. Demonstrating your dedication to resolving the issue and preventing its recurrence is crucial.

  • Step 5: Follow Up

After submitting your Amazon Inauthentic appeal, be ready for follow-ups from Amazon. They might request more information or clarifications. Maintain proactive and responsive communication throughout the process to improve your chances of a successful reinstatement.

Utilizing Reinstatement Services

If appealing your suspension on your own feels daunting, Amazon appeal services are worth considering. They bring expertise and experience to navigate Amazon account suspensions, offering numerous advantages, such as:

  • Expertise

Reinstatement services have experienced professionals who are well-versed in Amazon’s policies and procedures. They can assess your situation and develop a strong plan of action for you.

  • Time Efficiency

Dealing with an Amazon suspension can be time-consuming. Reinstatement services can expedite the process, getting your account reinstated more quickly.

  • Increased Success Rates

Reinstatement services have a track record of successfully reinstating suspended accounts. Their knowledge and experience can significantly improve your chances of a favorable outcome.

  • Long-Term Support

Providing you with ongoing support and guidance until your account is restored.

Not all appeal service providers are the same. Some charge high fees with poor results or engage in unethical practices that may harm your account. To ensure you choose a reliable and reputable appeal service, follow these steps: Check Customer Reviews or Evaluate Pricing and Guarantees. By considering these factors, you can make an informed decision when selecting an appeal service provider.


Amazoker – Your Trusted Partner for Amazon Appeals

Amazoker – Providing Professional & Reliable Appeal services for Suspended accounts.

If you are looking for a professional and reputable appeal service provider for your suspended account, you may want to consider Amazoker. Amazoker is a company that specializes in helping Amazon sellers with account suspension appeals, account verification issues, and category ungating services. Amazoker has helped hundreds of sellers restore their accounts quickly and effectively, with a high success rate and positive customer feedback.

Amazoker offers different packages to suit your needs and budget, including:

  • Basic Package: The Basic Package includes a professionally crafted appeal letter, assistance with account reinstatement, and one email follow-up. It’s suitable for sellers facing issues such as a simple policy violation or a minor performance-related suspension.
  • Growth Package: With the Advanced Package, you can anticipate a swift processing time, with your appeal typically being addressed within a remarkably short window of 24 to 48 hours. You have the freedom to submit appeal letters for multiple ASINs, addressing a wide range of issues or challenges you might be facing with free consultations. The Growth Package offers a competitive 3-5 business days for resolution. Email and phone support will be available to assist you. Notably, there is a refund policy in place if the appeal process is not successful.
  • Professional Package: One of the standout features of this package is the 24 to 48-hour priority service and offers a noteworthy 7 to 30-day warranty, free consultations. The Professional package also boasts a competitive 3 to 5 business days processing time, unlimited account appeal letters and the package includes robust email and phone support.
  • Advanced Package: The Advanced Package offered by Amazoker represents a comprehensive and long-term solution for Amazon sellers, designed to address a wide range of needs and challenges that sellers may encounter throughout their journey on the platform.

Choosing Amazoker is a smart decision for your business, because Amazoker has the following advantages:

  • Affordable and competitive price compared to other services on the market.
  • Personalized and suitable approach for each specific case of your account.
  • High customer satisfaction, reflected by positive reviews on Trustpilot and Facebook.

If you want to learn more about Amazoker and how they can help you with your account suspension appeal, you can visit their website, contact them via email, or call them at +1 580 262 6126.

Understanding the process of generating an Amazon inauthentic appeal and considering reputable reinstatement services can be a game-changer for Amazon sellers facing account suspensions. With the right approach and assistance, you can overcome this setback and continue thriving as an Amazon seller.

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