Are Vograce Shaker Keychain Stickers Long-Lasting?

Whether you are looking to purchase a Vograce shaker or any other keychain stickers for your office, it is essential to look for durable and long-lasting stickers. When you buy these stickers, it is essential to make sure they are durable and scratch-resistant. You should also be able to find a variety of designs and colours. In addition, you should also be able to find them custom-made according to your needs.

Custom-made according to customers’ demands

Anime peripheral products manufacturer Vograce offers shaker keychain stickers. These custom-made stickers are very colourful and durable. They are also eco-friendly. You can order them in different colours and sizes.These Vograce acrylic keychains are designed for people who love collecting. These acrylic keychains are made from a high-transparent PET film. It is odourless and water-resistant. They have smooth edges and are bright. They can be customized with patterns and colours.

You can use a hot stamping process to make the acrylic product more attractive. You can choose from a holographic film for the holographic effect. You can also order an epoxy coating on the front side. The epoxy layer will have good water resistance. It is more expensive than the non-epoxy coating.Vograce offers a lifetime warranty. They also provide free shipping and proofs. You can have your custom keychains shipped to North America or Western Europe. The stickers are delivered in cardboard boxes or plastic pouches. FedEx or UPS can ship them.


Whether you’re looking for an inexpensive way to advertise your business or give someone special a durable gift that will last, Vograce shaker keychain stickers are a great choice. They’re made from high-quality acrylic and stainless steel materials and are long-lasting and easy to clean. You can also choose from various shapes and colours and personalize them with your company’s logo or text.They are also available in several colours and sizes. They can be printed on a single-sided or double-sided basis. You can even have them decorated with holographic features

Using Vograce’s unique printing process, you can customize your keychains in any style you can imagine. They can be printed in various bright colours, and you can choose to add a holographic film for extra impact.Vograce shaker keychains are available in various colours, and you can customize them with your logo or images. You can even get them printed in different sizes; they’re water-resistant and scratch-resistant. They’re also light in weight, so they’re easy to hang on bags.


Whether looking for a great gift or a simple way to advertise your business, scratch-resistant Vograce acrylic keychain stickers are perfect. These stickers are made from high quality, durable acrylic and stainless steel materials. They are designed to last for years and are easy to clean. You can even decorate them with acrylic charms, adding a unique touch to your keys.In addition to their custom acrylic keychains, Vograce offers a range of novelty items such as custom charms, badges, and pendants. These accessories are crafted from environmentally friendly, non-toxic materials and are available in various colours.

Vograce’s custom-cut acrylic keychains can be customized with various effects, including holographic film, epoxy, sequins, and more. These products are odourless, scratch-resistant, and made from high-quality materials.The production process for Vograce acrylic keychains is relatively simple. Three components are used to create this product: a high-transparent PET film, a special UV-curable ink, and an adhesive backing. The link is pasted on the sheet before processing through a professional UV printing process. The process is then sealed with a protective layer to protect the surface from water and abrasion.

Come in vibrant colours

Whether you are looking for a gift for someone or want to add some sparkle to your keychain, Vograce shaker keychains are perfect. These unique keychains are made of high-quality acrylic and stainless steel and come in various bright colours. They are easy to order and are durable and water resistant.Vograce offers acrylic keychains that can be personalized with images, text and graphics. They are durable and easy to clean. Moreover, they are odourless and environmentally friendly. They are available in various shapes and sizes, including rainbow-like options.

In addition to custom acrylic keychains, Vograce offers a range of other types of keychains. These include candy keychains, the tiniest keys, acrylic charms and glass buttons.These stickers are also durable, water-resistant and reusable. Using them is an easy and affordable way to promote your business. They are available in full sheet sizes and can be cut into any shape. They are scratch-resistant and can be used on almost any surface. They are affordable and perfect for your business. They are available in many different colours and can be printed with your logo, favourite character, or design.

Prevent them from peeling

Using the right products and methods can prevent Vograce acrylic keychain stickers from peeling. Getting the proper adhesive is the most crucial step. The first thing to remember is to avoid exposing the decal to harsh conditions. Make sure the area is dry and free of dirt.The right cleaning solution can make all the difference. Using soapy water or alcohol to clean the surface can help remove dust and grease.

Another way to improve cling is to polish the sticker with silicone or Teflon-based polish. This will protect the decal from peeling and prevent dust from building up.Using a hair dryer to warm up the sticker will help reduce the chances of peeling. Make sure you use a hair dryer on a clean surface, however.


Vograce shaker keychains are available in various shapes, sizes, and colours. They are lightweight, reusable, and water-resistant. They can be custom-made and finished with an epoxy coating. These products are durable and easy to clean. Besides, Vograce offers free shipping on orders over $25.Vograce also provides a wide selection of other keychain processes. They include sequin keychains, dog race custom acrylic keychains, and more. A professional factory manufactures these. They are durable, odourless, and lightweight. They are available in transparent, translucent, or coloured versions.Vograce has a friendly customer service staff and 200 employees. They ship their products through FedEx and UPS. They also have a VIP program for their customers. These customers receive a complimentary bottle of wine on their birthday.

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