5 Elegant Black Kurta Designs for Every Occasion

If there is something we all can agree on, it is the fact that black outfits are amazing. No matter what your occasion is, no matter where you are going, a black kurta is something that is irreplaceable. Choosing the right black kurti can be a bit confusing though, as there are a lot of types and designs to choose from. To help you out with this, we have listed down a few of the most elegant black kurti designs available which are sure to make you look glam.

Black Anarkali Kurtas

How can one talk about kurtas and not mention Anarkali kurtis? Black Anarkali kurtas are made to make you look like royalty. Come on, how can the flowy, floor-length, and super comfy kurta not make you look like a queen?! How can these ever go out of style, and that too when it’s in black shade?! The Anarkalis’ flared silhouette and very detailed designs make it an excellent choice for any occasion.

Black Silk Kurtas

We all love to wear clothes that are soft on our skin and there is nothing that can be compared with silk regarding that. Nothing screams more ‘classy’ than the merging of the buttery smooth texture of silk with the color black. And it’s so easy to make it look casual as well because you can simply add a pair of ripped jeans and there you have it- a comfy and stylish outfit, effortlessly!!!

Black A-line Kurtas

Just as the name suggests, A-line kurtas look like an“A”, with a top part that is fitted and gradually flares towards the hem. This makes it very flattering and a really good choice for any body type as well. Black A-line kurtas are the perfect intersection of comfort, style, and confidence.

Black Straight Kurtas

Straight cut kurtas when paired with a flared palazzo or even jeans can be very flattering for you. Its versatility comes from how easily you can customise it. You can dress up or dress down a straight-cut black kurta by just changing the accessories. These kurtas come in all kinds of designs and prints, so there’s a lot for you to choose from as well.

Black Chikankari Kurtas

Chikankari kurtas are known for their elegant white embroidery work, but when the design is on black fabric, it’s simply breathtaking! Black chikankari kurtas are not just fashionable, but they also carry a lot of cultural significance. House of Chikankari’s authentic black chikankari kurta collection Timeless Blacks have all sorts of black chikankari kurtas.

They have everything from straight, short, cotton, georgette, and even Ghagra black chikankari kurtas!  It can be your one-stop solution for black chikankari kurtas!

There you have it! A list of black kurta designs that just cannot go wrong for any occasion. If you are to look for black chikankari kurtas look no further because House of Chikankari offers a huge collection of chikankari kurtas that is just *chef’s kiss*!! Remember that it’s always about feeling good in what you wear, so be sure to choose what makes you confident and stylish. Go ahead and wear that exquisite black kurta and keep slaying!

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