What is C4 Thomo Live Cockfighting? Specific C4 Competition Rules

Live cockfighting C4 Thomo is one of the entertainment methods that is very familiar to most people who love cockfighting. When participating in watching, players will admire hundreds of extremely eye-catching fighting matches and the opportunity to make huge money. Therefore, through the following article, let’s join Nha cai new88 to learn the competition rules and tips for betting on cockfighting to win big right away.

Find out what C4 Thomo live cockfighting is?

Live C4 Thomo cockfighting is a form of live streaming of cockfighting competition videos at the C4 tournament on the bookmaker system new88. Every time you participate in watching these matches, you will admire countless of the best quality fights in Southeast Asia. In particular, direct matches are also compared by many people to the C4 tournament in football.

Therefore, C4 Thomo live cockfighting often has rules similar to soccer tournaments in the world today. Therefore, all the chickens participating in the competition are the bravest chickens. From there, it brings viewers top-notch matches as well as the most wonderful moments of relaxation and entertainment.

What are the rules of C4 Thomo live cockfighting competition?

Currently, the number of players participating in watching C4 Thomo cockfighting matches on the new88 website is increasing. However, there are many people who are still confused about the C4 competition rules. Therefore, we invite bettors to continue following the content below to update the most useful information.

Prepare before the official competition time

All fighters participating in the C4 Thomo live cockfight need to move to the weight to determine their specific weight. The purpose is to ensure fairness for the cocks participating in the tournament and appropriate weight division.

In case the cocker wants to give his fighter food and water, he must notify the competition organizing committee staff. Before entering the official match, the referee will wrap the spurs and perform a thorough check again.

Regulations on live cockfighting time C4 Thomo

According to current general regulations, each match will have a specific time of 15 minutes. The situation ended 15 minutes but the winner and loser could not be determined yet, the referee allowed the two cocks to rest for 5 minutes. After the break time ends, both sides will continue to play until the winner or loser is determined.

Rules when entering the match

The cocks participating in the C4 Thomo live cockfighting competition, if their beaks fly off, tape is torn, spurs are broken, etc., the referee will let both sides continue to compete. In each match, the cocker is allowed to catch and release the cock in the right or left direction.

Determine wins and losses in the match

To be able to determine the winner or loser in a C4 live cockfighting match at new88, you can refer to the following content:

  • If two cocks stand with their beaks clasped and do not show any signs of fighting, the referee will draw the match.
  • If one of the two fighters just stands still, does not run, does not bite, the other side will win.
  • In case the chicken faints, falls to the floor or dies, the remaining chicken is declared the winner.

Rules for breaks between live cockfighting C4 Thomo

After the end of the round, but the winner or loser cannot be determined, the referee will let the two cocks rest for 5 minutes. Below are the rules for breaks that you should know:

  • During the break, cockers can use towels, water, needles, threads… provided by the organizers.
  • In situations where the breeder discovers that their opponent has behaviors and tricks to win the competition, they need to report it to the organizers.
  • The fighting cocks will be thoroughly examined by the staff for all injured areas to be bandaged.

Some experiences in C4 Thomo live cockfighting betting

If you are a fan of live Thomo C4 cockfighting betting at new88, you can refer to the following tips for predicting extremely accurate results from experts.

Analyze the parameters of two fighters

In each match, the house will announce the parameters of both fighters, including: weight class, height, number of wins, etc. Bettors can rely on the data provided by the playground. to evaluate, evaluate and compare the strengths of both sides. Thereby, helping players easily choose the most accurate results as well as increase their chances of winning.
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Focus on evaluating new88 bookmaker odds

According to betting experts game chicken C4 Thomo directly shared that the higher the betting odds of a cock, the lower the winning rate. Therefore, you can apply this great tip to choose the most accurate bet and earn a large amount of money.

Choose betting time

Currently, new88 allows players to participate in live betting on the site 1-2 minutes after the match takes place. Therefore, bettors should take advantage of that free time to monitor and evaluate the winning rate of each cock.

Above is detailed information about C4 Thomo live cockfighting competition rules and big winning betting experience. Hopefully, through the article that new88 has just updated, it will help you gain more knowledge and the most useful cockfighting experience.


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