What is a Divination Card? How To Predict To Ensure Big Wins At NEW88

Search article is probably a term too familiar to people who specialize in experiencing lottery products. However, for new players, there are still many questions about this phrase and how to play safely in online lottery. Let Trang chủ New88 article reveal methods for accurate prediction.

What is a prediction?

BI’m looking forward to itis that the player predicts the numbers with the highest probability of exploding, higher than the remaining numbers. This is based on past data that players collect, analyzing the rules for future bets.

For example, in the lottery game, prediction is based on past lottery results to find double numbers, beautiful numbers that can come back the next day.

Some games that professional bettors often use prediction article Not to mention such as coin tossing, over/under,… Thanks to a number of prediction methods that bring good results to players, they are trusted by bettors.

Understanding the prediction activity, you can rely on it to come up with numbers with a high winning rate. From there, you can bring in huge bonuses when participating in online betting at the house.

Important screening techniques to know

Nowadays, there are two most popular prediction techniques that bettors often apply: the old traditional way and the new automatic way.

Traditional prediction card

This technique is very familiar to experienced players. The players will make a statistical table summarizing past results to come up with numbers with a high winning rate. Players can collect information from many others to come to better conclusions.

The advantage of this old technique is initiative, confidence and players can completely increase their level after many bets without depending on anyone. However, the drawback is that the application method must be correct, takes a long time to implement, and requires the patience of the bettor.

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New automatic prediction

Automatic prediction is a new technique that applies technology to analyze and predict. There are many software with complex algorithms to run past data to produce numerical probabilities. Thus, players simply choose a pre-introduced number and bet. The advantage of this method is that it saves the player’s players and the implementation is very simple.

However, players may lose confidence and worry about the effectiveness of this method. You should pay special attention to choosing a betting and prediction platform with a large number of players.

Summary of prediction methods to increase winning rates

There are many methods of prediction but it is quite complicated for both new players and experienced players. Below are some effective prediction methods with much higher winning rates for players to feel secure in applying.

Formula for white lottery predictions

This method simply means that the player only plays once in 1 game/day and does not bet on other bets if you are confident of the winning rate.

The advantage of this method is that you do not need to invest capital to spread many other numbers but focus on the one with the highest winning rate. But to find this number, it also requires players to be truly experienced and mentally strong.

Lottery prediction formula for Bach Thu Cana fruit

Predicting the white hand lottery with canarium will be different from predicting the white hand lottery in the way of playing. Players monitor the lottery continuously and arrange the prizes in vertical order. During the storage process, you should pay attention if there are 3 consecutive solutions containing 2 numbers C and D with the following form:




The good news is that you can immediately play the CD card every day after that until you win, then stop. Note to everyone that this method should only be applied to third prizes and below, and if you don’t win after 5 days, stop.

Predict the white players from the falling lot

Here is the method prediction article  Quite simple for newbies. With this method, players are required to persistently play this falling lottery number for up to 5 days to increase the possibility of profit.

This method is conveyed by veteran players: First, review the results of yesterday’s Northern lottery special prize to determine the CD number. Thus, you will need to bet on CD or DC in the following days. After 5 days if you still don’t win, you need to stop and look for another one.

Prediction according to even and odd days

Predicting this way, the player will match the white lottery number with a number in odd and even order that day. For example, the white number is 16 and the day you play is 13, then you can bet 163 or 316.


Above is the article that NEW88 introduces to you prediction article , as well as synthesizing the most effective way to predict. Hopefully this article will help new players feel more confident to try their hand at this way of playing.

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