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Unveiling Benewake’s TFmini Plus: Redefining LiDAR Technology

The most recent development in short-range laser radar sensors is the TFmini Plus from Benewake. Expanding on the strengths of its forerunner, the TFmini LiDAR module, the TFmini Plus raises the bar with its superior performance and broader feature set.

Enhanced Performance and Protection

TFmini Plus boasts heightened performance with increased output frame rates, and improved data stability and accuracy. These advancements ensure unparalleled precision in various applications, from industrial automation to robotics. Moreover, with its IP65 protection level, TFmini Plus guarantees durability and reliability, even in harsh environmental conditions, making it a trusted choice across diverse scenarios.

Versatile Compatibility and Customization

One of TFmini Plus’s standout features is its versatile compatibility and customization options. Its sealed design with IP65 protection enhances durability and stability, while compatibility with Pix and customizable output protocols cater to a wide range of customer requirements. Supporting multiple interfaces including UART, I/O, and I2C, TFmini Plus seamlessly integrates into different systems, empowering users with tailored solutions for their specific needs, whether in drone technology or other fields.


Benewake’s TFmini Plus elevates the performance and versatility of short-distance laser radar sensors to unprecedented levels. With its advanced features and robust design, TFmini Plus redefines the possibilities for LiDAR applications across various industries. From enhanced precision and durability to unmatched compatibility and customization, TFmini Plus sets a new standard for excellence in sensor technology, promising transformative solutions for the future. Experience the next generation of LiDAR technology with Benewake’s TFmini Plus.

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