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TRACK718 improves USPS delivery tracking.

When it comes to tracking USPS deliveries, having a reliable and efficient system is crucial. TRACK718 is the solution you need to enhance your USPS delivery tracking experience. With a range of advanced features, TRACK718 simplifies the tracking process, keeps you informed in real-time, and ensures a seamless delivery experience.

Email Notifications

With TRACK718 USPS delivery tracking, you can proactively keep your customers informed about the status of their USPS deliveries through email notifications. Whenever there is a status change, TRACK718 automatically sends notifications to your customers, ensuring they are updated every step of the way. This feature improves communication, reduces customer inquiries, and enhances the overall delivery experience.

Data-Driven Operations

TRACK718’s data-driven operations provide you with valuable insights into your USPS delivery tracking. By utilizing the comprehensive data dashboard, you can access key metrics such as tracking number status distribution, tracking number country distribution, logistics provider timeliness statistics, national timeliness statistics, and single volume consumption statistics. This data allows you to make informed decisions, optimize your logistics operations, and improve efficiency.


TRACK718 is the ultimate tool for enhancing your USPS delivery tracking process. With multilingual tracking pages, email notifications, and data-driven operations, TRACK718 ensures a seamless and efficient tracking experience. Take advantage of TRACK718’s advanced features to optimize your USPS delivery tracking, improve customer satisfaction, and drive success in your logistics operations.

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