Top Performers at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards Abu Dhabi 2023

In a whirlwind of talent, fun, and a lot of slime, the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards Abu Dhabi 2023 showcased the best of international and regional entertainment. The star-studded evening at the Etihad Arena, on Yas Island, celebrated young fan favorites from the worlds of film, music, and television. As we catch up on the Abu Dhabi news of this major event, let’s delve deeper into the highlights and top performers of the evening.

Starry Night at the Kids’ Choice Awards Abu Dhabi

The event was nothing short of spectacular with Jessie J kicking off the night. Her dynamic performance of “Price Tag” set the stage alight, adding to the essence of this grand celebration. Jessie wasn’t the only star brightening up the night. Content creator Ossy Marwah co-hosted the event, bringing a blend of humor, energy, and his unique charm to the proceedings.

Chart-topping Performances

Now United: This internationally acclaimed group proved why they’re a global phenomenon. Their performance was a vibrant blend of voices from across continents, featuring talents like Zane, Savannah, Nour, Desiree, Lamar, and Melaine. The eclectic mix of cultures and melodies made for a show-stopping act.

Elyanna: This Palestinian-Chilean sensation added a touch of Arabic flair to the evening. Singing her latest hit “Mama Eh”, Elyanna highlighted the evolving face of modern Arabic music and its rising global appeal.

Bader Al-Shuaibi: Representing the GCC was Bader Al-Shuaibi, the top Saudi artist who has made waves not just in the Middle East but also on international platforms. His performances of hits like “Mtaaba Kol El Nas” and “Ana Weyah” had the audience dancing in their seats.

Issam Alnajjar: The Jordanian prodigy showcased a medley of his hits, earning admiration and a lot of slime! His renditions of “Hadal Ahbek”, “Waray”, and “TMO” showcased the immense talent stemming from the Arab world.

Rising Regional Stars

A unique facet of the Kids’ Choice Awards Abu Dhabi is its celebration of regional talent. Artists like Siilawy, Noel Kharman, and many more demonstrated why the Middle East is a treasure trove of musical brilliance. As these artists shared the stage with international names, the bridge between global and regional entertainment became more evident.

A Night to Remember

Aside from the music, the evening was also about celebrating fan favorites in various categories. nickelodeon‘s iconic blimps were awarded to shining stars across 16 different categories. From “Favorite Artist” to “Favorite Gamer”, the voice of kids echoed loud and clear.


The Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards Abu Dhabi 2023 was more than just an awards show; it was a testament to the evolving entertainment landscape in the Middle East. In a marriage of cultures, talents, and a shared love for entertainment, this evening proved that music and arts have no boundaries. With record-breaking votes and unforgettable performances, this edition of the awards has set a high bar for the years to come. So, as Nickelodeon signs off from Abu Dhabi, fans across the globe await the next slimy spectacle with bated breath.


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