Pickle Rick and Glass Pipes – Originality and Durability at Best

When a man decides to turn himself into a pickle just to avoid going to therapy with his family, he deserves to be immortalized. Truthfully, not many characters are as intriguing, indomitable, and resourceful as Pickle Rick. It is not surprising, therefore, that it made it to the world of stoners to the point of being immortalized as a glass pipe.

Today, you will find different sizes, designs, and shapes of Pickle Rick pipes and glass pipes in the market. If you have not watched the animation series – Rick and Morty – the Pickle Rich glass pipe may not make much sense to you. However, you can still see the genius and humor depicted in the pipe.

The question again would be – what would make a man turn himself into a pickle simply to avoid attending family therapy? Well, he is probably high on a powerful hit! So, what best way there is to make him live forever in stoners’ minds if not to idolize him with a unique pipe?

Without a doubt, the episode where Rick transformed himself into a pickle is the biggest hit in Rick and Morty’s episodes till today.

Pickle Rick and Glass Pipes: What is the Relationship?

It is all about inspiration! The Pickle Rick glass pipe is a beautiful inspiration from season three, episode three of Rick and Morty. The episode was titled Pickle Rick and it was the episode where the stoners’ favorite crazy scientist turned himself into a pickle so he would not attend the family therapy.

The Pickle Rick glass pipe is hand-crafted from glass material and made to look quite stylish. Glass manufacturers designed and crafted different shapes and styles of Pickle Rick pipes to pay tribute and exemplify this unique character that is a favorite of stoners.

Unique Features of Pickle Rick Glass Pipes

These glass pipes are arguably the most unique out there. The smoking accessory is designed to look like a crispy green pickle featuring a maniacal shrieking face of Rick. It comes with a generous bowl, which is located in the middle of the glass.

By the way, different manufacturers have different designs and styles covering sizable and portable. Here are the unique features you get when you invest in a Pickle Rick glass pipe:

  • They are Durable

The Pickle Rick pipe glass pipes are known for their durability. Featuring a single-chamber design, the best of them is made from thick borosilicate glass, giving it a hard-to-break and robust texture. The glass bowl that accompanies the pipe offers heady and powerful hits at any time of the day.

  • They are Original

These glass pipes are undoubtedly original. They are the perfect definition of novelty. Pickle Rick glass pipes depict a world of creativity and intricacies. While a piece looks intricate, it is simple enough to use without the complications or bulk that come with regular intricate glass pipes.

It is easy to load, light, and use. You can also easily unload and wash it without any issue. It is easy to maintain, making it a great choice for people looking for low-maintenance glass pipes. It is recommended that you give your glass pipe a deep wash every few weeks to maintain its freshness.

A clean glass pipe ensures you don’t have residue of the old herb in your pipe when you load a fresh one. The best part is that they are easy to clean and do not require any special tools or skills to clean.

  • They are Recyclable

When your glass pipe reaches the peak of its lifespan or breaks, it is possible to recycle it using your regular glass recycling process. If you are planning to recycle your Pickle Rick glass pipes, you should ensure you remove all residue of your herb from the pipe just like you would any other type of glass.

Glass is a unique material that can be used in crafting any type of pipe style, such as bubbler, one-hitter chillums, Sherlock pipe, steamroller, hammer pipe, and others. It is little wonder that you will find Pickle Rick glass pipes come in these designs and shapes.

When you are ready to change your piece, you can recycle it without feeling guilty about letting go of your favorite Pickle Rick. By the way, you can get another piece with a different design to maintain your affinity with naughty Rick.

Where to Buy Pickle Rick Glass Pipes

While you can check a local headshop around you, the online platform is the best place to find a wide variety of designs for Pickle Rick glass pipes. You will find and most expansive and diverse collection of these smoking accessories online. Shopping online also allows you to compare prices before making a choice.

Online headshops offer a wide variety of glass pipes. These include Pickle Rick glass pipes, spoon pipes, Sherlock pipes, chillums, bubblers, steamrollers, water pipes, and much more. If you want other types other than Pickle Rick, you are sure to find everything online. You will also find this unique pipe in different types other than glass pipes. That means you have various options to explore.

When you shop online, the store delivers to your doorsteps. The best part about the delivery is that it comes as discreet as you can imagine. That means you do not have to worry that your nosy neighbor would know what is being delivered to you. So, shop your Pickle Rick glass pipes online at the best prices and a chance to explore many design options.


The classic Pickle Rick glass pipes boast a convenient and easy-to-use feature that is common to classic smoking accessories. However, these particular pieces add a touch of uniqueness to their personality.

Pickle Rick glass pipe is the right choice for you if you want something original with an entertaining story behind it. Really, few glass pipes can hold a torch to this piece of creativity called the Pickle Rick glass pipe.

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