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OSG: The Best and Reliable Choice for Career Consultant for Students


Are you a student interested in beginning your professional life with self-assurance? OSG is most trusted career consultant for students; it is also your best choice. OSG has a mentorship team in every major center and full-time personnel in the United States and the United Kingdom. It ensures that all mentees have access to recruiting services around the clock.

Elite Mentors with Professional Expertise

Mentors for the Open Source Group are highly qualified experts who work for famous investment banks, hedge funds, private equity firms, and consulting organizations. In addition to having a high level of expertise in their respective professions, they have also demonstrated exceptional performance in the rigorous training and evaluations required for teaching. You will have the opportunity to receive guidance from industry leaders who are committed to your success.

Tailored Services for Career Advancement

The OSG takes excellent pleasure in providing students with individualized plans tailored to meet their specific requirements and goals. The service procedure they use guarantees that you will receive thorough help, regardless of whether you are beginning with weak fundamentals or looking to switch career aspirations halfway through. From developing your curriculum and enhancing your background to applying tactics and improving your performance during interviews, we cover everything that will help you stand out from the crowd.


With OSG, you can access professional mentors, a wide range of resources, and an extensive network. From revising your resume and cover letters to providing guidance on networking and breaking cultural barriers, we are committed to maximizing your potential. Experience one-on-one lessons, mock interviews, and comprehensive guidance throughout recruitment. OSG’s dedication to your success leaves every student with an offer. Join us today and unlock opportunities with an industry-leading career consultant for students.

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