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Introducing the WEIPU Connector Supplier

A blog article discusses the characteristics of a good connector supplier. What qualities are important when you’re looking for one? If you have no idea which supplier to choose? Why not try WEIPU? This article will discuss the WEIPU connector. If you are looking for a connector supplier, this article fits you!

What is a connector?

A connector is a device that connects two pieces of electronic equipment as the meeting point for cables and instruments. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be made from a variety of materials. Connectors are used in various electronics, automotive, and aerospace industries.

How does it work?

Connectors have pins to help maintain flexibility and low resistance. Spring pins are made from tempered beryllium copper and can slide into smaller solid tubular sockets within a connector body. Connector pins that are micro-size are placed in a 1.27 mm pitch. Nano-size connectors are 0.635 mm in size. Pins made from different materials help the connectors have different characteristics. For example, pins and sockets plated with nickel and gold help connectors reduce wear. The back of each pin or socket has ruggedized attachment methods that allow for permanent wire or solder lead attachment to mating elements.

Tips for choosing the connector supplier

When sourcing connectors for your next project, it’s important to know the different types and features available. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right connector supplier:

-Know the dimensions of your connector tracks. For example, some suppliers offer connectors in different sizes to accommodate a variety of projects.

-Be sure to inquire about the coating the connector tracks make; some coatings resist corrosion, making them a better choice for high-stress applications.

-Consider whether the connector supplier offers customization options. Some suppliers offer customizable connectors in various shapes and sizes, which can help you save time and effort when assembling your project.

Why Choose WEIPU

Since its establishment 25 years, WEIPU has become one of the largest connector manufacturers in the world. In addition, we specialize in producing industrial and circular connectors to ensure safe and reliable power supply solutions. On the other hand, we are invited to “National Electrical Appliances Standardization Technical Committees” to draft the national standard GB/T11918-2014 for industrial connectors. WEIPU has a strong R&D capability and can develop various industrial connectors according to customers’ special requirements. For example, our products can meet RoHs, CE, CSA, and UL certifications, so we are your trustworthy partner. If you need a reliable supplier, contact us.

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