How to Play Jumping Chess Simple Instructions for Newbies to Participate

New88 today How to play chess is a topic that many people are interested in, especially new players. Because the game is known as a good game suitable for all audiences because of its simplicity. Nowadays, people can participate in gambling online or offline easily. Below is useful information for everyone to quickly understand this simple entertainment genre.

Introduction to jumping flags

Before learning about how to play chess, let’s learn about the game. Since its launch, the game has quickly received a lot of love from everyone whether in online or offline versions. This genre originated in Germany and is currently present in many countries around the world. The game is considered to have simple rules so both the elderly and children can easily participate.

To be able to play chess, you will need a chess board and chess pieces. The special feature of this chess board is usually a square or octagon divided into 6-pointed stars corresponding to different colors. In each colored box, 10 chess pieces will be placed accordingly.

Jumping chess is an interesting game that many people participate in for entertainment

What is the reason to play chess?

How to play chess continuously is a popular search topic today. Thereby helping to see the popularity of the genre as the number of participants increases. So why should people choose this type of game for entertainment? Below are convincing reasons for members to choose the game:

  • When participating in chess jumping, it will help train individuals’ thinking ability and flexible reactions, especially good for children who are in the process of developing and improving their IQ.
  • Helps you relax and have healthy entertainment, eliminate stress during study and work time and regain your spirit to start.
  • Suitable as an entertainment game to bond with family and friends during holidays, Tet,…

Instructions on how to play chess for newbies, easy to understand

In fact, if people look at the chess board for the first time, they will probably be confused and not understand how to start playing. But the rules are quite simple and suitable for both children and adults. Below are specific instructions on how to play chess for everyone’s reference:

The goal of the game

As mentioned, the chessboard will be divided into 6 star sections corresponding to different colors. Each cell will be considered the land of a member participating in the game. Each individual, when experiencing, will move his or her pieces in such a way as to be able to gain the other opponent’s land. People need to apply skills to prevent them from taking away the land they own. A member wins when all 10 pieces are present in the opponent’s squares.

How to play the board game with the goal of winning your opponent’s land

Jump rules

In playing chess, everyone needs to understand the rules of jumping pieces to do it correctly. Specifically, while moving chess pieces, people can only rotate to 2 adjacent empty cells and meet the rule of having a chess piece in the middle. This rule is very important that newbies need to remember.
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The specific way to play chess is the easiest to understand

Each star box on the chessboard will correspond to the participating member’s land. So before entering the game, everyone needs to choose their favorite color and put 10 chess pieces in it. Then all members will agree or compete on who has the right to go first. The first player will start rotating the position of the pieces aiming for other squares but must comply with the jumping rules.

Everyone is free to move the pieces in a straight or diagonal line as they please, just make sure to follow the jumping rules. Each individual will take turns placing their pieces to occupy someone else’s land for a chance to win prizes. If the person who quickly positions all the chess pieces in all the boxes will win and end the game.

A simple way to play chess for beginners to get started quickly

How to always win when playing chess?

In addition to understanding how to play chess, people who want to win need to use strategies to achieve good results such as:

  • Jump many times and quickly so your opponent doesn’t have time to react.
  • Use new strategies that no one else has used before.
  • In case your opponent has occupied your land, wait for them to attack before proceeding fill into the empty position.
  • Stay calm in each step to move in the right direction.


We have provided information above to help readers quickly understandHow to play chess. Through this, everyone can see that this game is quite simple and not as difficult as many other subjects. However, when participating, individuals will have the opportunity to practice sharp abilities and useful thinking. Furthermore, if you are looking for a game to relax and bring people together, don’t forget to choose this genre.

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