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How to play Go Will be shared in detail in today’s post Trang Chủ Jun88. That’s the flag known as an intellectual game developed in China and has a very large fan base. Surely you will feel extremely excited and extremely new when participating in playing Go.

Brief concept of Go for beginners

A brief overview of Go for beginners

According to legend, Go appeared a long time ago, from the time of Emperor Yao in China. This is a game that requires two participants, when competing against each other, to have good thinking to be able to come up with a thorough strategy.

Currently, in the European market, chess is also popular and well received by many players. To understand more about How to play Gothen you can refer to the next content of this post.

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Tools used to play chess


Before learning about How to play Go then everyone cIt is necessary to clearly understand the characteristics of the tools used, specifically as follows:

Details about bChess in Go

Normally, a Go board will be arranged in 19 rows including horizontal and vertical rows to form even squares with 361 intersections. On the chessboard, 9 black points will appear to help players locate the chessboard.

According to How to play Go then sao Thien Nguyen or tengen will be placed in the center of the chess board. For new players, it is easiest to use a chessboard with a size smaller than about 9×9 or 13×13.

Details of the chess pieces on the Go board

According to How to play Go then eachThe pieces will be printed with white and black symbols placed on the intersections of the chessboard. These pieces are arranged next to each other based on a horizontal and vertical pattern and form a fixed group. Each chess board will be evenly distributed with 400 chess pieces and placed at intersection points.

How to play Go is super simple for those who don’t quite understand

Way play flag finsing lesimples pentgive People new catchhead

Once you have grasped some basic information about this Go game, let’s find out How to play Go with the following content of the article.

Some basic rules when playing Go

Before learning How to play Go then you must understand one clearly Basic and important rules, specifically as follows:

  • At the beginning of the match, there will not be any pieces on the chessboard and the person who starts the match will be the owner of the black chess piece.
  • The player will use the chess piece he has and place it at any intersection he wants, except for the edge of the square and the point in the middle.
  • Once the piece has been placed, the player is absolutely not allowed to move, unless the piece has been captured.
  • In each move, the player is allowed to place only one chess piece and will lose if violated.
  • In case both players choose not to play, it means the game will end. At this point, the winner will be determined based on the factor of whoever owns more chess pieces will win.

How to play Go and leat the army

When participating in Go, if you want to win big, you cannot ignore the rule of winning pieces, specifically:

  • First, players need to clearly understand the concept of energy of each chess piece. According to How to play Go then gas isThe intersection points are located close to the vertical and horizontal dimensions of the chess pieces. Players can also place multiple pieces close together to expand the range of charges. Note: Players will not be able to expand their position when the pieces are diagonally positioned.
  • According to the rule of capturing pieces, if the opponent’s flag is placed in that box, of course the player will lose the piece. Any chess pieces that do not have an air box according to the rules will be removed from the game board.

The goal that players aim for when playing Go

According to How to play Go, to win easilyPlayers need to acquire as much land as possible, specifically:

  • Players can understand land as the number of empty spots on the table that their pieces are surrounded by.
  • When the player realizes that he has occupied all the possible lands, he can abandon his turn. At the same time, if both people skip their turn, the next step is to determine the score based on the land fund and chess pieces.

Situation at the end of the Go game

According to How to play Go Then the game of GoIt will end immediately in case both participants give up their turn. At this time, the system will take turns counting the number of lands on both sides and then deciding whether to win or lose. The prescribed system rewards the party that owns more land than the other.

The above article byJun88 shared it with fellow gamers How to play Go the most effective. Hopefully the above useful sharing will help players gain more knowledge and experience about this super dramatic chess game.

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