Explaining What Football Odds Are Easiest To Understand

Odds rate Surely no stranger to passionate football fans. Nothing will be difficult for you once you have the knowledge, but for newbies, they still don’t understand this odds clearly. Let’s Trang chủ New88 Let me explain it to you as easily as possible in the article below.

What are the odds in football?

If you are a genuine rookie, the first step to becoming an expert when betting on football is to firmly grasp what the ball odds are. Odds in soccer are a term given by bookmakers to predict the scoring ratio of two competing teams. In each specific match, the house will quickly update and offer different odds for you to choose from. The ball odds that bookmakers often offer are Asian odds, European odds and over/under odds.

These odds will usually be given one week before the match starts. During that one week period, you can research and research to choose the most suitable bet for yourself. Or you can join large forums, where there will be a team specializing in analyzing and giving the best odds.

The easiest way to read soccer odds

Usually there are 7 popular types of bets and according to some experienced experts, these types of bets are quite complicated. To learn how to read odds accurately, you can read our article below.

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How to read the draw odds (ball odds)

One type of bet that most people choose is the same ball bet. This type of bet usually has the house relying on the performance and strength of the two teams to give results. The advice of experts is that choosing a handicap in the first half will be more positive and the possibility of getting good results will be higher.

Handicap ratio 1.25 (handicap 1 and a half goals)

The 1.25 handicap or the 1 and a half goal handicap often occurs when the two teams have a clear difference in strength:

  • In case the upper team and the lower team win by one goal difference: if you choose the upper bet, you will lose half of the money you bet on, and if you choose the lower bet, you will win half the bet.
  • When the upper team wins by two or more goals, you will win and win the full bet. If you choose the underdog, you will lose all your initial bet.
  • If the score between the two teams is a draw or the underdog wins, then if you choose the upper bet you will lose and if you choose the lower bet you will win the bet completely.

It sounds a bit complicated, but this is an easy-to-win bet that many people choose when betting on that ball.

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Handicap is a type of bet offered by the house with the purpose of creating balance between the two competing teams. The handicap level will correspond to the number of handicap goals. You notice that if you see the higher the handicap offered by the house, it proves that the difference in strength of the two teams is quite large and vice versa. There are two common types of handicaps: money handicaps and left handicaps, and usually the money handicap will be given first.

Soccer corner odds

A type of bet where you do not need to care about the win or loss score of the two teams. What you need to care about is the number of corners in the match to place a bet. This form of betting attracts many participants, compared to other bet levels, the winning rate will be much higher.

Penalty odds

Usually appears to predict the total number of goals of the two teams, betting time is 5 minutes in advance. If two soccer teams take a free kick without a winner or loser being decided, the penalty bet will still continue. This type of bet has a high element of chance, so choosing the team with the number of successful shots will not be simple at all.

Correct score odds

Next is the exact score bet, which is a type of bet where you will make a judgment about whether the final score of the team is correct or not. Considered by experts to be the most difficult type of bet to win money, but once you are lucky enough to win, the bonus is extremely high.

Football goal betting

Bet on goals or bet on total goals, your task is to make judgments about whether any goals will be scored in each half. Then bet on the total number of goals scored by the two teams.

So, in the above article we have helped you understand what soccer betting odds are. Hope it will help you in the process of participating in football betting most effectively. New88 Wishing you success and lots of fun.

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