How Effective Is The penis envy mushrooms

Compared to other Psilocybecubensis variants, Penis Envy is consistently more powerful. Psilocybecubensis mushrooms, on the other hand, provide a more powerful, visual, and euphoric experience for many users. Psilocybin and psilocin concentrations are greater and the ratio of psilocin to psilocin. This is thought to be the reason for their stronger effects.

Psychedelic effects are attributed to psilocin crossing the blood-brain barrier. Because of this, it is impossible to verify the exact strength of these mushrooms. There are claims that penis envy mushrooms contain up to 50% more psilocybin/psilocin than the standard Psilocybecubensis. It’s critical to know how long it takes for mushrooms to take effect, no matter what amount you use.

Understanding Its Potency

Suppose you’d want to know how powerful penis envy mushrooms are. In that case, we’d like to show you the psilocybin/psilocin concentration of several magic mushroom species (the percentages are based on dry weight).

  • Psilocybesubaeruginosa (contains up to 1.93 percent psilocybin and 0.17 percent psilocin)
  • P. azurescens (1.78 percent psilocybin and 0.38 percent psilocin)
  • P. semilanceata (0.98 percent psilocybin and 0.02 percent psilocin)
  • P. baeocystis (0.85 percent psilocybin and 0.59 percent psilocin)
  • P. cyanescens (0.85 percent psilocybin and 0.36 percent psilocin)
  • P. stuntzii (0.36 percent psilocybin and 0.12 percent psilocin)
  • P. tampanensis (0.68 percent psilocybin and 0.32 percent psilocin)
  • P. cubensis (0.63 percent psilocybin and 0.60 percent psilocin)
  • P. weilii (0.61 percent psilocibn and 0.27 percent psilocin)
  • P. hoogshagenii (0.60 percent psilocybin and 0.10 percent psilocin)
  • P. cyanofibrillosa (0.21 percent psilocybin and 0.04 percent psilocin)
  • P. bohemica (1.34 percent psilocybin and 0.11 percent psilocin)

If we suppose that penis envy mushrooms have 50% more psilocybin and psilocin than the standard Psilocybecubensis, they would contain 0.90% and 1.0%, respectively. More psilocybin would be found in Psilocybeazurescens, but not more psilocin. So when dried mushrooms age, the quantity of psilocin rapidly diminishes, but the amount of psilocybin also decreases.

As far as potency is concerned, Psilocybeazurescens and Psilocybesubaeruginosa are in the top two. Penis envy, on the other hand, is one of the most powerful psilocybin mushroom varieties. Psilocybecubensis mushrooms are quite potent. Thus they should be used with caution. The suggested dosage is between 1.0 and 1.5 grams of Psilocybecubensis mushrooms per 100 pounds of body weight.

History Of This Mushroom

The origin of the penis-envy mushroom has not been established. On the other hand, Legend holds that Terence McKenna, the renowned psychonaut and speaker, procured this particular Psilocybecubensis mushroom from the Amazon jungle. It wasn’t until the 1970 UN Convention on Psychotropic Substances was signed in 1971 that magic mushrooms were allowed in most nations.

The primary components in magic mushrooms, psilocybin and psilocin are not present in mushroom spores. Hence this regulation did not apply to them. McKenna returned to the United States with spore prints from the fungus he discovered. He quickly started growing mushrooms from the prints he brought back to Colorado. McKenna also sent his ethnomycology colleagues with printouts of the rare Amazonian species.

Steven Pollock, a medical practitioner who was enthusiastic about the therapeutic power of psychedelic mushrooms, was one of my colleagues. It took Pollock many generations of propagation and refinement to finally see a mutation in his culture. The penis envy mushroom was born due to the mutation, having the physical traits described above.

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