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ForwardX and their Outstanding AMRs

ForwardX is the pioneer and leader of the fourth generation of mobile robots (vision-guided AMRs) and the No. 1 logistics and warehouse automation solution provider in Asia in terms of shipments and market share. ForwardX has a forward-looking vision-guided AMR, the world’s leading cluster dispatch system f(x), and global sales, service, and operations capabilities. See this remarkable company.

A Leading Solution that Creates Value for Customers

ForwardX has introduced a flexible picking solution for the logistics industry that enables significant improvements in picking efficiency by using high-performance AMRs to assist.

ForwardX’s AMR-based solution is the most flexible and covers the widest range of warehousing scenarios among logistics automated picking solutions. Such solutions are known for their high degree of flexibility, allowing for rapid deployment, easy migration, and matching existing systems. Ease of use is also outstanding so that learning costs will be further reduced.

The manufacturing industry also benefits from ForwardX AMRs

For manufacturing, ForwardX also offers the world’s leading in-plant handling solution. ForwardX’s automation solutions are more reliable and more secure than other solutions.

As with logistics automation solutions, ForwardX continues to emphasize flexibility greatly. Such solutions make it easy and fast to digitally transform a traditional factory into a smart factory and provide a reliable equipment basis for further productivity improvements.

As a loyal partner for industrial users, ForwardX is committed to providing the best solutions according to various industries’ specific requirements. Visit ForwardX’s official website for detailed information!

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