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Experience Unmatched Convenience with BN-LINK’s Ready-to-Go Wireless Remote Control Outlet Kit

BN-LINK’s Wireless Remote Control Outlet Kit offers unparalleled convenience for controlling your electronic devices. Each kit includes everything you need to get started, including the remote batteries. Whether you prefer to plug and play or sync up the outlets, BN-LINK provides the ultimate simplicity in remote control wall plugs and sockets.

Ready-to-Go Convenience for Effortless Setup

Experience the convenience of ready-to-go functionality with BN-LINK’s Wireless Remote Control Outlet Kit. Each kit comes complete with all the necessary components, including the remote batteries, ensuring a hassle-free setup. Whether you need a remote control wall plug or a remote control wall socket, BN-LINK has you covered.

Strong Signal Range for Seamless Control

BN-LINK’s RF receivers and transmitters are designed to work flawlessly through doors and walls without interfering with other electronics. With a signal range that can function up to 100 ft in line of sight, you can control your appliances from anywhere within that distance. Say goodbye to limited control and enjoy the freedom of operating your devices effortlessly.

Flexibility to Customize and Expand Your System

With BN-LINK’s Wireless Remote Control Outlet Kit, you have the flexibility to sync remote outlets together, regardless of frequency differences. This means you can control multiple devices simultaneously, making it perfect for managing various electronic devices throughout your space. Additionally, you can expand your system by incorporating any of our Century Remote Control Outlet kits, allowing you to create a tailored solution.


Upgrade your home or office with BN-LINK‘s Ready-to-Go Wireless Remote Control Outlet Kit and experience unmatched convenience. Enjoy the plug and play or syncing options, strong signal range, and the flexibility to customize and expand your system. Control your appliances effortlessly using the remote or the outlets themselves, with compatibility for a wide range of electronic devices. Trust in BN-LINK’s commitment to safety and reliability, with outlets that remain off after a power outage to save energy and protect your appliances. Experience the simplicity and efficiency of remote control wall plugs and sockets with BN-LINK.

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