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EVB’s Wall-Mounted Car Charging Station: The Ultimate Solution for Efficient and Convenient Charging

Welcome to the future of electric vehicle charging, where convenience, efficiency, and safety come together in a sleek and highly functional design. EVB, a leading manufacturer in electric vehicle charging solutions, has just released its latest creation: a wall mounted car charging station.

Wall-Mounted Design: A Space-Saving Solution for Your Charging Needs

Wall-Mounted Design: This charging station is designed to be wall-mounted, providing you with a space-saving solution that can be easily installed without taking up any valuable floor space.

DLB and Solar Compatibility: The station is compatible with both DLB (Direct-Line Connection) and solar charging systems, making it an ideal choice for both home and commercial settings.

IP55/65 Protection Degree: With an IP55/65 protection degree, this charging station is weather-resistant, ensuring uninterrupted charging sessions, rain or shine.

CE, UKCA, TUV, and CB Certification: Rest assured that this charging station meets the highest international safety and performance standards, making it a reliable and trustworthy investment.

Range of Models and Power Options

Smart App Integration: The station comes with a smart app that allows you to monitor and manage your charging sessions effortlessly, giving you real-time updates on your electric vehicle’s charging status.

Range of Models and Power Options: With models like BCP-A2N-P, BCP-B2N-P, BCP-AT2N-P, and BCP-BT2N-P, EVB offers both tethered and socket options to cater to different charging requirements. Whether it’s the 7.4kW model for everyday use or the high-performance 22kW variant for faster charging, there’s a model that suits every need.


In conclusion, EVB’s wall-mounted car charging station is the ultimate solution for efficient and convenient charging. With its wall-mounted design, weather resistance, multiple certifications, smart app integration, range of models and power options, full protection features, and user-friendly design, it truly has it all. Whether you’re a residential user or a business owner looking to offer charging stations to your customers, EVB’s wall-mounted car charging station is sure to meet all your charging needs.

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