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Ensuring Quality and Innovation in Healthcare: WEGO’s Butterfly Winged Infusion Set

WEGO is a leading provider of medical consumables, and their butterfly winged infusion set is a testament to their commitment to quality and innovation. With a global distributor network and numerous medical device registrations worldwide, WEGO has established itself as a trusted brand in the healthcare industry. The butterfly winged infusion set, consisting of a butterfly needle, tubing, and a connector, is a vital tool used in healthcare settings for intravenous infusion. WEGO‘s emphasis on quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction has made their butterfly winged infusion set a preferred choice among healthcare professionals.

Collaboration with Global Distributors

WEGO’s success is attributed in part to their strong collaboration with over 400 distributors worldwide. These partnerships have enabled them to expand their market reach and drive sales effectively. The distributors bring valuable experience and resources to the table, helping WEGO better understand and meet the diverse needs of customers across different regions. This collaborative approach ensures that WEGO’s butterfly winged infusion sets are readily available to healthcare facilities globally, facilitating efficient intravenous procedures and patient care.

Reliability and Excellent Performance

WEGO takes great pride in the quality and performance of their medical devices, including the butterfly winged infusion set. Their dedication to quality is reflected in the attainment of over 300 medical device registrations worldwide. Additionally, their blood bag products have achieved top rankings in multiple markets, further validating the reliability and excellent performance of WEGO’s products. These certifications and market shares serve as a testament to the trust that customers and healthcare professionals place in WEGO’s butterfly winged infusion sets.

Innovative Design and Customization

WEGO’s butterfly winged infusion set is designed with both functionality and user convenience in mind. The set offers a choice between a lock hard connector (luer lock) and a soft connector (luer slip) upon request, allowing healthcare professionals to select the connector that best suits their preferences and procedures. The tubing has a capacity of 0.43mL for a 300mm length, and customization options for tube length are also available upon request. This innovative design and flexibility in customization ensure that healthcare professionals have the tools they need for efficient and accurate intravenous infusion.


WEGO’s butterfly winged infusion set stands out as a reliable and innovative solution for intravenous infusion in healthcare settings. With a global distributor network, numerous medical device registrations, and a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, WEGO has established itself as a trusted brand in the industry. Healthcare professionals can rely on WEGO’s butterfly winged infusion set for its excellent performance, reliability, and customizable options. By choosing WEGO’s medical devices, including the butterfly winged infusion set, healthcare facilities can enhance their intravenous procedures and ensure optimal patient care.

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