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Choose Reliable Mechanical Seals for Your Water Pump

When maintaining pumps used in water applications, it’s important to select a durable mechanical seal for water pump that can withstand continuous operation. Leaks or failures can disrupt flow and damage pump components. Junty offers high-quality split seal rings to keep your pump sealing effectively for years.

The Importance of Mechanical Seals in Pumps

Mechanical seals help prevent liquid from leaking along the shaft and out of the pump casing. They create a barrier between high and low-pressure zones with a rotating and stationary seal face. Subjected to abrasion, pressure, and heat, seals need periodic replacement to maintain optimum operation. Conventional solid seals require dismantling the pump to access the seal chamber for installation. This downtime increases maintenance costs.

Junty’s High-Quality Split Seal Rings

Junty’s split seal rings provide a more efficient sealing solution. Designed in split segments, they install without disassembling the pump’s internals. Technicians simply remove the old seal faces and slide on the precut replacement rings. This process reduces maintenance time and expenses compared to overhauling the pump for conventional seal replacement. Junty split seals are also suitable for large process pumps handling slurries or abrasive liquids that rapidly wear standard seals.

Durable Materials for Challenging Applications

Manufactured from durable carbide and ceramic materials, Junty split seal rings withstand challenging applications for water pumps. Silicon carbide and tungsten carbide face materials demonstrate great abrasion resistance for pumps moving slurries or sand-laden water. Their special cut and design allow for easy on-site fitting in a fraction of the time of solid seals, minimizing disrupting plant operations and restarting water circulation.


For a long-lasting mechanical seal for a water pump, consider Junty’s pre-engineered split seal ring solution. Their quick change-out capability saves costs versus dismantling pumps during routine maintenance. Contact Junty to discuss the ideal seal materials and configuration for your pump application. Rely on their expertise and quality products to keep water flowing reliably for years.

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