Bad at warzone? This is how you can improve your gameplay!

Warzone is probably the most realistic Fps and battle royale game out there and that is exactly why people are enjoying this game right now. People have been playing warzone every day since it came out so you can imagine how addictive warzone is. Warzone is a game in which you can’t be good from the start because it takes time to get good at fps games. The aim is something that takes a lot of time to improve. However, there are some people with amazing aim but they’re honestly just gifted and there are also people with amazing aim who have worked so hard by playing every day. So, there are two types of people, one with the god-gifted aim and one who has worked hard to get their aim to that level.

Everyone has been switching to warzone from Fortnite recently due to the amazing new updates they’re coming up with. It’s amazing how they keep introducing new weapons, etc every other week. This is how every game company should be. Many players are also earning a lot of money through warzone tournaments, but for this, you also have to be good, you’ll have to work hard to get to a point where you could compete in tournaments. Once you reach that level, you’ll be making a bank just by playing video games. Isn’t that every player’s dream? But, some people just play games to have fun so, if you’re one of those people, then this article is not for you, however, you could stick around if you want to improve your gameplay.

The reason people have stopped playing Fortnite is that they changed the original map which people are not liking and somehow, epic games still have not reverted the map. This is something the warzone should not do if they want to keep their player base active. However, warzone aimbot have been very active recently due to Lavicheats giving amazing aimbots of the warzone. You can get yours at, they have the best aimbots out there which allows you to not get detected by their anti-cheat system. This is something hackers have been doing for a long time but can’t achieve. But, hacking is something that can get you into some serious trouble. You can get your IP banned forever meaning you won’t be able to make any new accounts from your internet IP. However, once you change your IP, you can play. But, a hardware ban is also a thing so, if you get that, then you’ll never be able to play from your computer or console. So, be careful if you decide to buy aimbots because you don’t want to be banned.

Hacking can also ruin many people’s gaming experience which is why they just stop playing the game. So, this is something the warzone should work on because if this keeps going on, their player base might end. So, if any dev is reading this, please work on it.

Here is how you can improve your gameplay in the warzone:

Find the sens that suits you

If you’ve played fps games before, then you can use a sens converter for it. It’ll show the exact sens for warzone by checking your old fps game’s sensitivities. This is something almost every pro player uses so if you haven’t heard of it, go and check it right now.

Create your loadout

Creating your loadout will allow you to customize your weapons and other stuff meaning, you can make them overpowered which will help you tons when in-game. However, when in your game, you’ll have to buy your loadout which is for 4500 or 5500 cash. Cash is mostly on the looting spots of the map, you can easily get 10k cash in no time which you can use to buy armour plates and your loadout. You can also copy pro players’ loadout as they have the best game sense out of all players. So, copying their loadout isn’t a bad idea.

Learn the map

Just like any other fps game, learning the map is also very important, you need to know the hiding and looting spots of the map because if you’re in a situation where you have to hide or get some loot, you’ll know what to do.

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