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Autophix OM126: Advanced OBD Code Reader for Comprehensive Engine System Diagnostics

Autophix OM126 is a cutting-edge OBD code reader that stands out in the market for its advanced features and comprehensive engine system diagnostics capabilities. Designed to meet the needs of automotive professionals and enthusiasts, the Autophix OM126 offers a wide range of product features and selling points.

Product Features

With full-mode OBDII functions, Autophix OM126 provides an extensive array of capabilities that enable thorough engine system diagnostics. Whether you need to Read Codes, Erase Codes, check I/M Readiness, access Data Stream, analyze Freeze Frame data, perform O2 Sensor Tests, monitor On-Board systems, conduct Component tests, or retrieve Vehicle Information, Autophix OM126 has got you covered. Its comprehensive functionality ensures that no aspect of the engine system goes unnoticed.

Selling Points

Autophix OM126 offers several selling points that make it a top choice for professionals in the automotive industry. The code reader supports free online updates, ensuring that users have access to the latest features and enhancements. This feature guarantees that Autophix OM126 remains up-to-date and capable of handling new challenges in engine diagnostics.

The Autophix OM126 also facilitates seamless connectivity with PCs, enabling data printing and feedback. This integration streamlines the diagnostic workflow, allowing users to efficiently manage and analyze data on their preferred platforms.

Furthermore, the code reader boasts a multilingual menu interface, offering languages such as English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Finnish, Dutch, and Polish. This feature ensures that users from diverse linguistic backgrounds can easily navigate and utilize the Autophix OM126, making it truly accessible to a global audience.


Autophix OM126 is an advanced OBD code reader that excels in providing comprehensive engine system diagnostics. With its full-mode OBDII functions, high-resolution LCD color display, real-time data visualization, seamless updates and connectivity, and multilingual support, Autophix OM126 is a valuable tool for professionals seeking accurate and efficient diagnostics. If reaching for perfect automotive diagnostic tool solutions, click here to get more related information!

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