7 Tips to Remember While Choosing the Best Nursing College

Do you want to become a nurse, but are not sure how to pick the best nursing college? Well, choosing a nursing college that meets your aims and interests from the 5,000+ nursing colleges in India can be difficult. Furthermore, selecting the right nursing college may be confusing due to aspects including the programme’s reputation and proximity.

As a result, we have written this blog to familiarise you with seven aspects to keep in mind while you select one of the leading nursing colleges in Mumbai.

Table of Contents:

1.    Nursing Courses

2.    Essentials to Keep in Mind While Choosing a Nursing College

3.    Scope of Nursing in India

4.    Final Thoughts

5.    FAQs

Nursing Courses

You can study either a diploma in nursing administration, or undergraduate, or postgraduate nursing courses because it ranks as one of the most in-demand paramedical specialisations. Now, let us discuss the nursing education programmes that Terna Nursing College in Mumbai offers at various levels:

  Bachelor of Science (Nursing) Master of Science (Nursing) Diploma in Nursing Administration
Level of Knowledge Undergraduate Postgraduate Diploma
Course Duration 4 years 2 years 1 year
Minimum Requirement Complete 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English.


Open-category students should obtain a minimum aggregate of 45% in the 12th Grade. But, reserved category candidates with 40% are also eligible.


Must appear for the M.H. BSc. Nursing CET examination

Complete a BSc (Nursing)/ BSc Hons. (Nursing)/ Post Basic BSc. Nursing from an Indian Nursing Council-recognised institution.


Get at least 55% in your Bachelor’s Degree. Nevertheless, reserved category candidates with 50% can also apply.


Should obtain registration from the Maharashtra Nursing Council and possess at least 1-year working experience.

Should get a BSc/post-basic Nursing degree/GNM Diploma.


Must be registered as RNRM and possess a minimum of 2 years of working experience.


Candidates who did not complete the GNM programme’s midwifery requirement should possess a certificate from 6-9 months duration of Indian Nursing Council-approved nursing programmes.

Age Criteria Minimum 17 years

Essentials to Keep in Mind While Choosing a Nursing College

You must take into account a variety of factors when selecting a college. Additionally, each person’s demands and priorities will vary based on their goals, needs, cost, and other considerations. For your comprehension, we have listed a few requirements you should take into account when picking one of the nursing colleges in Navi Mumbai:

1) Accreditation & Reputation

The nursing college’s accreditation by a reputable body is the first thing you need to take into account. It also ensures that the college you have chosen meets the academic requirements for your degree to be accepted by companies and other educational institutions. Additionally, you should check ratings, reviews, and endorsements from the college’s current and former students. You can also ask nursing experts for their advice.

2) Course Offerings

You should investigate the various programmes provided by the best nursing colleges in Mumbai. Additionally, you need to find out if they provide the precise programme you are interested in, such as a BSc in Nursing or an MSc in Nursing. You can also take into account whether they provide any specialised concentrations that fit your professional objectives.

3) Clinical Opportunities

You should find out what clinical opportunities your preferred nursing college offers. Additionally, to strengthen your nursing skills, you must get real hands-on experience. You can further find out the partnerships your preferred nursing college has with healthcare organisations and the many clinical settings where students can gain experience.

4) Faculty Qualifications

You should thoroughly examine the credentials and experience of the faculty members in both the BSc and MSc nursing colleges in Maharashtra. Additionally, you can get a superior education and mentorship from a highly qualified and experienced faculty member. As a result, you should seek out professors who have relevant clinical experience and doctoral degrees in nursing.

5) Facilities and Resources

To evaluate its facilities and resources, you must, if at all possible, visit the nursing college or look around its website. Additionally, you should check if they include up-to-date classrooms, labs, simulation technology, and a library with a wide selection of books. In this context, Terna Nursing College in Mumbai provides you access to modern resources and technology to significantly improve your learning.

6) Student Support Services

You should take into account the support services offered by the nursing college to aid students in their academic journey. Additionally, you can search for aspects like tutoring, counselling, career assistance, and student organisations while choosing among the best BSc Nursing colleges in Mumbai. These services can also make a significant difference in your overall success and happiness while attending college.

7) Location, Cost, and Convenience

You must take into account aspects like cost, convenience, and location while selecting the ideal nursing college. Additionally, you should look for a nursing institution that is reasonably priced, offers flexible schedules, and is easily accessible. Moreover, some nursing colleges might charge more for tuition than others. But this should not be your only criterion for selection. Instead, you ought to take into account the possibilities for scholarships and awards, as well as the financial aid that is offered.

Scope of Nursing in India

Be it working at hospitals, clinics, schools, government agencies, and community centres, nursing colleges in Mumbai offer excellent preparation for professions in various fields. A few well-known roles you can explore are-

  • Clinical Nurse Manager
  • Chief Nursing Officer
  • Nurse Educator
  • Critical Care Nurse
  • Nursing Assistant

Final Thoughts

We hope you recognise the importance of selecting the best nursing college in addition to getting a nursing degree for your nursing profession’s success. Therefore, you should take into account your objectives, requirements, and preferences when selecting from the nursing colleges in Mumbai. We also hope that you can use the advice provided in our blog to make an informed choice and confidently begin your nursing career.


  1. What variables affect the average cost of a nursing college?

The average cost of a nursing college is usually influenced by factors like location and course pattern. But, you must consider its long-term ROI in terms of possible career possibilities and income.

  1. How much can you earn after graduating from the nursing colleges in Mumbai?

With degrees from nursing colleges in Mumbai, you can expect to make around ₹3.8 lakhs per annum in India.

  1. What are the advantages of nursing diploma courses?

The diploma-level nursing courses are more practical. Within its curriculum, you can also gain in-depth knowledge and skills necessary to become licensed nurses.

  1. How can I prepare for a successful nursing career in college?

You should focus on building clinical skills, networking with nursing professionals, and looking for leadership and volunteer opportunities for a successful nursing career. You should also enrol in a nursing specialised course.

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