7 High-Paying Jobs Possible After Doing Physiotherapy Courses

Be it athletes or elderly patients, physical therapy can aid in the recovery from wounds, operations, and even chronic pain for everyone. Additionally, India’s ageing population and a rise in the number of people seeking non-invasive treatments to manage their health have increased the demand for physiotherapists in the nation.

So, are you considering a career in physiotherapy, but wondering about your job prospects and earning potential? If so, please read our blog, where we have listed seven high-paying positions you can obtain after graduating from physiotherapy colleges in Mumbai.

Table of Contents:

1.    Physiotherapy Courses

2.    Lucrative Job Options Following a Physiotherapy Course

3.    Wrapping Up

4.    FAQs

Physiotherapy Courses

You will frequently go through theory lessons and practical training on treatments and exercises that help to restore a patient’s mobility when enrolled in physiotherapy courses. Furthermore, the Terna Physiotherapy College, one of the best physiotherapy colleges in Mumbai, offers study curricula at UG & PG levels in light of the latest WHO report’s recommendation that every 10,000 people have access to a physiotherapist.

To learn some quick facts about these available courses, please refer to the table below:

Bachelor of Physiotherapy


Master of Physiotherapy (MPT)
Level of Education Undergraduate Postgraduate
Course Duration 4.5 years 2 years
Minimum Requirement Complete 10+2 Level of Education in Science Stream Complete a Bachelor of Physiotherapy and the 6-month mandatory internship
Intake 60 16
Areas of Specialisation None ●     Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

●     Cardiorespiratory & Vascular Physiotherapy

●     Neuro Physiotherapy

Lucrative Job Options Following a Physiotherapy Course

Be it working in clinical settings or specialised fields, physiotherapy courses at Mumbai-based colleges wisely prepare you for a range of successful and rewarding careers. In case you are interested in learning about some of those employment pathways, we have listed below seven well-paying physiotherapy jobs in India:

1)    Neurological Physiotherapist

They take care of patients with neurological diseases and illnesses such as multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injuries, stroke, and so on. Moreover, to promote patients’ independence and general quality of life, they focus on boosting balance and coordination, improving motor function, and managing symptoms. Additionally, the Terna Physiotherapy College as one of the leading physiotherapy colleges in Mumbai strives to produce outstanding practitioners in the field of physical therapy as neurological diseases are becoming more common in India.

Average Salary: INR 3.5-4 lakhs per annum.

2)    Massage Therapist

Massage therapists work on muscles and other soft tissues to treat pain, promote blood flow, promote relaxation, and relieve stress, which benefits all of their customers’ overall health. Moreover, these experts talk about the physical problems, medical histories, and goals of their clients at the initial session. Also, by following the client’s needs, they explain the various treatment modalities and approaches.

Average Salary: INR 2.2-3 lakhs per annum.

3)    Physical Therapy Assistant

As part of their daily routine, these experts assist patients in standing, walking, sitting, and moving them in wheelchairs to various locations throughout the facility. Additionally, the private physiotherapy colleges in Mumbai provide these professionals with the ability to carefully observe patients before, during, and after their prescribed therapy, note their observations and concerns, and report to the physical therapist. Typically, they serve as a point of contact for patients, physical therapists, and other departments. They also carry out a lot of administrative duties like making appointments, placing orders for supplies, or filling out insurance documents.

Average Salary: INR 2-2.5 lakhs per annum.

4)    Orthopedic Physiotherapist

They concentrate on diagnosing and treating musculoskeletal injuries and illnesses. Orthopedic physiotherapists usually treat patients who have fractures, joint replacements, spinal abnormalities, and other orthopedic issues. Additionally, they aim to improve general functioning abilities, regain mobility, and lessen pain. However, there are many career prospects for orthopedic physiotherapists due to India’s expanding population and the rise in age-related orthopedic problems.

Average Salary: INR 3.75-4.5 lakhs per annum.

5)    Geriatric Physiotherapist

Geriatric physiotherapists specialise in providing elders with better care by addressing age-related illnesses and functional limitations. Additionally, the BPT colleges in Mumbai provide these specialists with the opportunity to concentrate on advancing pain management, expanding mobility, and improving general physical function in senior citizens. The need for geriatric physiotherapists has also increased due to India’s ageing population.

Average Salary: INR 3-4 lakhs per annum.

6)    Sports Physiotherapist

With India’s passion for cricket, football, and other sports, the position of a sports physiotherapist has become essential in safeguarding the well-being of athletes. Additionally, to prevent, identify, and cure injuries, sports physiotherapists specifically collaborate closely with sports teams and individual athletes. They further aid in the recuperation and rehabilitation process, allowing sportsmen to regain their optimum physical condition.

Average Salary: INR 4-4.5 lakhs per annum.

7)    Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Physiotherapist

They deal with patients who have cardiac and respiratory issues such as heart surgery, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), or asthma. And, to improve pulmonary and cardiovascular function, these specialists also create and carry out specialised exercise regimens, breathing drills, and lifestyle treatments. Additionally, the best MPT colleges in Mumbai work to meet the demand for cardiovascular and pulmonary physiotherapists by producing effective individuals as India sees an increase in lifestyle-related disorders.

Average Salary: INR 3.54- 5 lakhs per annum.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, the field of physiotherapy offers a wide range of job opportunities and potential earning options. At a time when physiotherapy job prospects are expected to be bright in the coming years, we hope our blog assists you in understanding the multiple work profiles, duties, and compensation ranges available after graduating from physiotherapy colleges in Mumbai.


  1. Can physiotherapy graduates make a career in academics?

Yes, physiotherapy graduates can pursue careers in academic institutions, research facilities, or healthcare facilities. These positions also frequently offer competitive entry-level pay, ranging from INR 2-3 LPA.

  1. What high-paying sectors do the physiotherapy colleges in Mumbai train you for?

Your career in professional sports teams, rehabilitation centres, hospitals, academic research facilities, and sizable corporate wellness initiatives is specifically prepared for by the physiotherapy colleges in Mumbai.

  1. Can higher degrees help you land a better physiotherapy job?

Both knowledge and earning potential can be considerably increased by pursuing a postgraduate physiotherapy degree. It also allows you to stay updated with new developments in the field.

  1. What emerging trends can impact physiotherapy jobs?

Trends like virtual reality and telemedicine might shape the future of physiotherapy jobs. Therefore, you must keep up with these developments and skills to improve your earning potential.

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