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Seekink’s E-paper Digital Notebook: Bring High-Efficiency Work

Seekink is a famous Chinese company who provides one-stop EPD service. It has its own automated manufacturing base with a strong mass production capacity of 0.3 billion, allowing it to provide high-quality products while minimizing costs.

The e-paper notebook from Seekink boasts a high-resolution display, equipped with anti-blue light glass that reduces eye strain and fatigue caused by extended use. With a high screen-to-body ratio that maximizes display area, more information can be displayed at once, minimizing the need for page turning.

The Combination of Comfort and Functionality

Backed by the latest e-paper technology, this e-paper notebook offers a true paperless reading experience with 16 grey levels and 218 DPI. The anti-blue light design reduces eye strain and allows for extended reading or working sessions without compromising visual comfort. With Seekink’s e-paper note book, users can enjoy an eye-pleasing reading experience and work with greater ease and comfort.

Powered by the ARM Cortex A55 processor and customized RAM and RAM storage (2GB+32GB by default), this high-performance e-paper notebook delivers smoother performance. Users can access third-party apps for richer content on the Android-based operating system.


With its crystal-clear display, smooth texture, and powerful performance, the e-paper notebook from Seekink is a perfect combination that not only removes eyestrain but is engineered to improve workplace productivity and boost business.

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