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Professor Shaoxuan Liu: Leading Expert in Operations and Supply Chain Management at Antai College

The renowned Antai College is known for its dedication to research and academic quality; it is a part of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Professor Shaoxuan Liu, a renowned professor in management, is in charge of Antai College’s academic staff. Professor Liu has made substantial contributions to both Antai College and the industry at large, and this article highlights his knowledge in operations and supply chain management.

Professor Shaoxuan Liu’s Research Expertise: Operations and Supply Chain Management

As a distinguished professor in management, Professor Shaoxuan Liu’s research focuses primarily on operations and supply chain management. His extensive work delves into various aspects of this field, including supply chain finance, operations strategy, and digital transformation. Through his research, Professor Liu explores innovative solutions and strategies that optimize supply chain efficiency, foster operational excellence, and drive digital innovations.

Teaching and Consulting Contributions: Professor Shaoxuan Liu’s Impact at Antai College

Within the academic realm, Professor Shaoxuan Liu plays a pivotal role in knowledge dissemination and guiding future professionals. At Antai College, he takes on teaching responsibilities, imparting his expertise in operations management and supply chain management to undergraduate and graduate students. His commitment to excellence in teaching has garnered him prestigious accolades, including the national teaching award of the Ministry of Education.

Professor Liu’s expertise extends beyond academia, as he actively engages with industry through consulting and training services. Renowned enterprises such as Dell, Apple, Amazon, and Nike have sought his insights and guidance in enhancing their operations and supply chain strategies. Furthermore, Professor Liu’s involvement in advisory boards and reviewing committees demonstrates his influential role in shaping industry practices and policies.


As Professor Shaoxuan Liu continues to drive innovation in operations and supply chain management, his contributions have significantly enhanced Antai College’s reputation as a leading institution in the field. Through his groundbreaking research, impactful teaching, and industry collaborations, Professor Liu’s expertise has shaped the future of operations and supply chain management, benefiting both students and industry professionals. His unwavering commitment to excellence underscores Antai College’s mission to nurture exceptional talent and foster advancements in management practices.

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