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Maximize Industrial Efficiency with SmartMoreInside’s Area Scan and Line Scan Cameras

In today’s fast-paced industrial landscape, efficiency is crucial for success. The right imaging solutions can make a significant difference in optimizing processes and maximizing productivity. SmartMoreInside offers a range of cutting-edge industrial cameras that are specially designed to enhance industrial efficiency. Let’s explore the features and benefits of these advanced cameras.

Enhance Imaging Precision with Area Scan Cameras

SmartMoreInside’s GigE Color Area Scan Industrial Camera (SMI-CGi-640P-01) is a game-changer when it comes to imaging precision. These cameras provide convenient parameter archive management, allowing for mass production and release. With the ability to operate multiple cameras simultaneously, they offer excellent stability and reliability in work environments. Supporting various image data formats, including 8-bit, 24-bit, and 32-bit, these cameras deliver versatile imaging capabilities. Furthermore, their long-distance stable transmission of up to 100 meters, combined with power-over-Ethernet (POE) supply support, ensures seamless connectivity. Compatible with the VISION standard and popular software like Halcon and VisionPro, these cameras integrate effortlessly into existing systems.

Boost Production Efficiency with Line Scan Cameras

SmartMoreInside’s Gigabit Network Color Line Scan Camera (SMI-CGiL-4K-04) is tailor-made for large-format and high-speed pipeline inspection. Its high-resolution imaging, offering up to 4K resolution and an impressive 28KHz line frequency, significantly enhances production efficiency. Equipped with integrated image signal processing (ISP) algorithms and support for external trigger modes, these cameras deliver precise results. They are a cost-effective solution, enabling enhanced product competitiveness while maintaining high performance standards.

Streamline Integration and Control

Seamless integration is a key advantage of SmartMoreInside’s cameras. Their area scan and line scan cameras seamlessly integrate into existing systems, thanks to standard interfaces. This ensures a smooth transition and minimal disruptions to your workflow. These cameras also support popular vision software like HALCON and Labview, making them compatible with widely used platforms. Additionally, SmartMoreInside holds independent intellectual property rights, guaranteeing complete control and stability over their camera technology.


In conclusion, SmartMoreInside’s industrial cameras provide the tools you need to maximize industrial efficiency. The enhanced imaging precision offered by area scan cameras, coupled with their convenient parameter management and compatibility with various data formats, empowers you to achieve accurate results. On the other hand, line scan cameras boost production efficiency with high-resolution imaging, integrated algorithms, and cost-effectiveness.

With seamless integration into existing systems and independent intellectual property rights, SmartMoreInside delivers reliable and advanced imaging solutions that optimize your operations and give you a competitive edge in the market. Trust SmartMoreInside to enhance your industrial processes and drive efficiency to new heights.

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