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Key Features of Ledman Interactive Screen for Classroom – Enhancing Learning with COB Micro LED Technology

Incorporating COB Micro LED technology, Ledman‘s interactive screen offers a range of key features that enhance the learning experience. With a dual system, rich functions, synchronous writing capabilities, super eye care, and multiple size options, Ledman’s interactive screen for classrooms provides educators and students with a versatile and immersive learning tool.

Dual System for Enhanced Performance

Ledman’s interactive smart board for classroom boasts a dual system that combines the power of Android and Windows operating systems. This integration allows educators to utilize a wide range of educational software and applications, providing flexibility and enhancing productivity. The dual system enables seamless multitasking, enabling teachers to switch between different platforms and content effortlessly. Ledman’s focus on performance ensures that educators can maximize their teaching potential and deliver engaging lessons.

Rich Functions and Synchronous Writing

Ledman’s interactive screen offers a plethora of rich functions that enrich the classroom experience. From interactive whiteboarding and annotation tools to screen mirroring and multimedia playback, educators have access to a comprehensive set of features that enhance content delivery and student engagement. The synchronous writing capability enables multiple users to write simultaneously on the screen, fostering collaboration and interaction. Ledman’s commitment to rich functions and synchronous writing ensures a dynamic and inclusive learning environment.


Ledman’s interactive screen for classrooms, powered by COB Micro LED technology, offers key features that elevate the learning experience. The dual system integration of Android and Windows operating systems provides educators with flexibility and productivity. The rich functions, including interactive whiteboarding and screen mirroring, enhance content delivery and student engagement. Synchronous writing capabilities promote collaboration and interaction among students. By incorporating Ledman’s interactive screen for classrooms, educators can create immersive and interactive learning environments that foster student success and achievement.

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