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How Many Different Types of Light Sources For Stage Lighting?

We would like to give a brief explanation of three different types of lighting sources because, as we all know, new light source types have been applied to stage lighting equipment in recent years.

Typer of light sources

  1. LED chip

LED chips began with 1W and 3W, and each one could only have one of the following colors: Red, Green, Blue, or White. Thus, the LED par/wash stage lighting we saw at the time consisted of things like 54pcs *3W, 108pcs *3W, 120Wpcs *1W, etc. With the advancement of LED chip technology, today’s common LED chips used in stage lighting fixtures are 10W /15W /20W/30W/40W/60W RGBW 4 in 1 or RGBL 4 in 1.

  1. LED Module

The stage lighting with LED module as a lighting source has been drawing more attention from customers, especially for the European and USA market, as more countries pay attention to the environment. White LED modules are more popular due to their higher brightness, and LED modules can be further divided into color LED modules and white LED modules.

The average life span of an LED module is 50000 hours, and if no major accidents occurred, the LED modules would function normally throughout their entire lives. This makes LED modules for moving head lights particularly well-known for their long lifespans and low damage rates.

  1. Laser Module

Like LED modules, laser modules are currently available in two varieties: color laser modules and white laser modules. For the Color laser module, the indoor Xtylos and outdoor Xtylos Aqua models from CLAY PAKY are currently the most widely used models worldwide. No other model on the market can currently compete with these two high-level laser beam models.

As one of China’s TOP stage lighting manufacturers, Light Sky introduced its IP66 waterproof 260W white laser beam-SHARK LASER to the market in 2021. Customers highly praise Light Sky’s laser beam for its excellent quality and high brightness. With a 190mm optical lens and a CMY color system, the Light Sky SHARK Laser’s laser beam has a brightness of 1750000 lux at a distance of 10 meters. Light Sky’s SHARK LASER would be a good option if you need a laser beam.

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