Handbook for playing fish shooting game

Handbook for playing fish shooting game, fish shooting is an intellectual, fighting game that is loved by many players. What do we need to do to be able to play fish shooting game? How to register, deposit and withdraw money in this game? Let’s learn through the fish shooting game guide below.

I. How to play fish shooting game for prizes

Currently, there are two popular forms of playing fish shooting games: traditional fish shooting (using fish shooting machines) and online fish shooting for prizes. For the most complete experience, players should choose traditional fish shooting.

However, online fish shooting has many advantages. Worshiping helps players be proactive in their time and space when experiencing, spending less money. In particular, shooting fish for rewards online also allows players to receive valuable rewards.

To be able to clearly understand the game playbook Shoot fish and get prizes, players need to find reputable website addresses and bookmakers. Our advice is that you should choose large, reputable bookmakers such as New888. Because these reputable bookmakers manage their prize-winning fish shooting halls very strictly, ensuring absolute safety and game quality for players.

Customer support services and payment deposits and withdrawals are also extremely fast and accurate. Next, you just need to register an account New88 You can comfortably enjoy the fish shooting game and redeem prizes here.

II. Instructions for registering to play fish shooting game New88

Is one of the steps in the playbook shooting fish game, that is registering gaming information New88, players prepare themselves a device connected to the Internet. The specific steps are as follows:

Step 1: Access the house homepage interface  New88 Follow the standard link below http://6689betcom. Or you can also access the app (download this app on the online app store or the house’s homepage).

Step 2: Click on ‘REGISTER’ in the top right corner of the interface.

Step 3: Fill in all required information.

Note: You need to enter your phone number and gmail information to continue the registration process, one of the necessary steps in our fish shooting game guide. New88 has clearly indicated.

Step 4: Agree to the dealer’s terms and confirm registration

Step 5: Enter the OTP code and complete registration.

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III. Simple way to deposit and withdraw money at New88

To be able to withdraw money, the player’s account needs to be linked to the owner’s bank account. This is the next step in the fish shooting game handbook, specifically as follows:

Step 1: Log in to your account New88.

Step 2: Click the white ‘WITHDRAW’ item above the menu bar.

Step 3: Enter the amount to withdraw and click withdraw.

Step 4: Enter the confirmation code.

Step 5: Complete the withdrawal.

There are 5 steps to deposit and withdraw money at New88 shared from the fish shooting game handbook

Note: Dealer New88 has the right to refuse a withdrawal request if the player’s account does not meet the requirements for betting rounds, limits… or is being processed for violations.

For all questions, players can contact our customer service department New88 to be resolved as quickly as possible.

IV. Some handbooks for playing fish shooting games

To be able to play the fish shooting game well, players need to be equipped with reasonable playing strategies. It will help players increase their winning rate and redeem valuable gifts.

1. RIA Strategy

The Ria strategy of the fish shooting game handbook will help you learn attractive tips for playing fish shooting with attractive strategies, specifically below:

2. Shoot immediately when the fish leaves the table

In this fish shooting game, there are many fish that will usually die as soon as they leave the table. Therefore, players need to calculate the probability, as well as aim and shoot accurately. This is also a tip to help you get rewards easily and quickly. Fill the corner of the table with bullets to get a lot of loot.

3. Frequently shoot tank ammunition

The next guide to playing the fish shooting game will be to regularly shoot bullets. This is the most effective way to play fish shooting, which players should not ignore. With this technique, you use a way to increase bullets for your guns.

[sc name=”link2″]

For example, initially you will only shoot 7 animals with 1 bullet. But after that, the numbers will need to improve. When spending all 100 bullets, the player will receive 1000 points back. With this trick, you need to be quick and increase your ammo to win big.

4. Play fish shooting effectively in groups and herds

It is one of the most effective ways to play fish shooting in the fish shooting game handbook, applied by experts. With these techniques, you should use small bullets, just enough to defeat each opponent. If you use 3 to 5 bullets and the fish can still escape or swim away, you should not follow. When encountering a herd of 10 animals, you use 2 bullets and shoot from 3 to 5 times. This way of shooting will increase the probability of hitting fish very high.

5. Accumulate enough bullets to catch big fish

In the handbook for playing fish shooting games, there is often a trick to accumulating enough bullets to focus on the big fish. If you have money in reserve, you should immediately apply this fish shooting tip. Choose big fish and use 7 bullets to defeat them. Destroy the big fish, and you will receive a value hundreds of times greater than the amount of money the player spent when buying that bullet.

6. Strategy “Based on the rules of the game”

One of the tips that this fish shooting handbook provides is to rely on the game rules to come up with the most effective techniques. Below are some methods you can learn and refer to.

7. The fish dies when it has eaten enough bullets

 Only these fish are shot with enough bullets to be able to defeat them. For example, if a fish has 4 points, but only receives 1 bullet, they will not die. If you receive 10 bullets, they will definitely be destroyed immediately. Therefore, you should immediately apply this trick to increase the probability of hitting the target.

8. Persist until the fish is defeated

There is a secret that many experts have passed down, which is that if you only use bullets, at least one fish will be defeated. No matter how many bullets are fired, you still make a profit. With 10-point fish, if you spend 100 bullets, the reward you receive will be very large.

Above is all the information about the fish shooting game guide  New88. This is an attractive, interesting game with great rewards. Therefore, please refer and participate in the experience today to get the most valuable rewards.

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