Do you know that in the year 2022 around 20,000 students have graduated in hotel management courses from the best Master in Hotel Management colleges in India?

Hotel management courses are now rising heads as one of the desirable career options among Gen Z students as they prioritise enjoying learning new stuff and making their career out of it. As per statistics, there has been a rise of 19% in students studying hotel management courses since 2011 as the courses incorporated a whole new level of skills and knowledge.

Come on, read this article and get an idea of the key skills taught in hotel management courses.


●       Peek into the range of hotel management courses

●       Look into key skills inculcated by hotel management courses

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Peek into the range of hotel management courses:

Hotel management graduates are in great demand in not just the hotel industry but also in many other hospitality verticals. This demand is driving students to take up hotel management courses in top Master in Hotel Management Colleges in India that offer remarkable courses.

Now, here is an idea of the hotel management courses at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Bachelor of Hotel Management:

As the course title reveals, Bachelor of Hotel Management is a bachelor level that is an undergraduate level of hotel management course offered at Dangayach School of Hotel Management and many others that stand top in hotel management education.

This course is designed for a duration of 3 years to educate the concepts of the hotel industry and the nuances of its management. This course is focussed on training the students in handling the hotel, providing proper customer service, etc.

Eligibility Criteria Candidates should have a completed 10+2 with a minimum of 55% aggregate score at any recognised educational institution.
Admission Procedure Merit-based admissions in some best hotel management colleges in Jaipur such as Dangayach School of Hotel Management considering a 10+2 score. Entrance-based admissions in certain other colleges consider scores in exams such as CUET, NPAT, etc.
Average Course Fee INR 80,000 PA to INR 1,75,000 PA

Master of Hotel Management:

Advancing to the level of postgraduate provides the course Master in Hotel Management. This course is a higher-level hotel management course offered by standing-out colleges such as Dangayach School of Hotel Management which stands as the best hotel management colleges in Jaipur.

Designed for a period of 2 years, this course imparts exclusive upgraded knowledge and hands-on practical training in the real-time hotel industry setup. Look into the course details.

Eligibility Criteria Candidates should have graduated with an undergraduate degree preferably a Bachelor of Hotel Management with at least 50% aggregate score.
Admission Procedure Master in hotel management merit-based admissions are provided in certain colleges considering graduation score. Entrance-based admissions are preferred in renowned master in hotel management colleges in India considering majorly NCH MCT.
Average Course Fee INR 1,50,000 PA to INR 3,00,000 PA

Gaining a thorough insight into the range of hotel management courses at various hotel management institutes, now let us explore what key skills these courses inculcate in students.

Look into key skills inculcated by hotel management courses:

Hotel management is a facet of the hospitality industry that covers within a radius of the hotel industry. So, engaging to master in hotel management will help students gain a range of skills that will help them create a successful career in the hospitality industry.

Here are the key skills evoked and developed in hotel management students when pursuing in renowned master in hotel management colleges in India.

  • Customer Service Skills:

The capital role of hotel management commences from customer service. Pursuing hotel management courses will educate the nuances and tactics of customer service such as guest interaction, complaint handling, etc which as a whole inculcates customer service skills.

  • Operational Skills:

Top master in hotel management colleges in India inculcates operational excellence in hotel management students as operations are considered the backbone of the hospitality industry.

Hotel management courses inculcate two categories of operational skills namely front-desk operations and back-end operations. Front desk operations deal with reservation management, guest service handling, payment operations, etc. On the other side, back-end operations deal with ensuring guest satisfaction, record maintenance of guest arrival and departure, etc.

  • Communication Skills:

Any management career requires strong communication skills as interaction and communication are considered the connecting point for successful management.

Involving to master in Hotel Management helps students develop remarkable communication skills along the duration of the course by involving in practical training sessions and experiential learning in a real-time hotel environment.

  • Culinary skills:

Culinary skills are considered one of the prime skills that need to be acquired when entering the hotel industry.

Hotel management courses inculcate strong culinary skills which include menu planning, food preparation, serving techniques, and beverage management.

  • Human Resource Management skills:

As the hotel management facet involves managing and controlling almost every department in the hotel such as housekeeping, catering, etc, the job involves handling a large number of working employees. You will be involved in recruiting, training, and managing human resources for your organisation, and keeping this in mind students are trained with human resource management skills in the leading master in hotel management colleges in India.

Looking into this extended list of key skills will help us understand the severity of hotel management courses. These skills are not restricted to the hospitality industry but can be implemented in many other industries.


Rendering satisfactory hospitality services requires intense training and practice, and pursuing hotel management courses will make it happen. Courses pursued at the best master in hotel management colleges in India are pledged to impart complete knowledge and key managerial skills to students to help them establish their careers at a higher level in the hospitality industry.


  1. Is there scope for hotel management abroad?

Yes, as the hospitality industry is growing worldwide the requirement for hotel management graduates is increasing. So there is scope for hotel management abroad.

2. What should I study to become a hotel manager?

One should study Bachelor in Hotel Management to become a professional hotel manager. Even after a Diploma in hotel management, one can become a hotel manager but the salary scale is comparatively low.

3. How to start a career in the hotel industry?

One can start a career in the hotel industry by completing an undergraduate hotel management course namely Bachelor in Hotel Management.

4. What is the average salary after a Bachelor in Hotel Management?

The average salary after a Bachelor in Hotel Management is around INR 5 LPA to INR 7 LPA.

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