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Elevate Your Audio Landscape with ESD Acoustic’s Crane Floor Standing Speakers

ESD Acoustic presents Crane, a masterpiece of audio engineering that combines top-level design and exceptional performance in one package. With its classic three-way configuration and floor-standing horn design, the Crane floor standing speakers deliver an immersive and captivating audio experience. Each channel of the Crane features a meticulously crafted combination of beryllium diaphragm horn units and titanium sandwich composite diaphragm cone units.

Three-Way Configuration for Precise Sound Reproduction

The Crane floor standing speakers embody a classic three-way configuration, carefully engineered to achieve precise sound reproduction across the entire frequency spectrum. By dividing the audio signal into three distinct frequency bands, each handled by specialized drivers, the Crane ensures that every detail and nuance of your music is faithfully reproduced. Experience the full range of frequencies with exceptional clarity and accuracy, bringing your audio landscape to life.

Beryllium and Titanium Sandwich Composite Diaphragms for Unrivaled Performance

ESD Acoustic’s Crane floor standing speakers feature two beryllium diaphragm horn units and two titanium sandwich composite diaphragm cone units. The beryllium diaphragm horn units deliver exceptional rigidity and damping properties, providing enhanced clarity and lower distortion. On the other hand, the titanium sandwich composite diaphragm cone units offer a lightweight yet sturdy design, eliminating segmentation distortion for precise and accurate sound reproduction. Together, these specialized units work harmoniously to create a captivating audio experience that transcends expectations.


The ESD Acoustic Crane Floor Standing Speakers are a testament to the brand’s dedication to audio excellence. With their classic three-way configuration, floor-standing horn design, and the combination of beryllium and titanium sandwich composite diaphragms, these speakers deliver an unparalleled audio experience. ESD Acoustic continues to push the boundaries of audio engineering, ensuring that their products meet the highest standards of quality, performance, and design.

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