Are Huyen Tram Chicken Scales Good? Revealing How to Watch 100% Correctly

black chicken scales must be a familiar term to those who have a passion for this subject. This is a special point that helps you recognize the undefeated chicken in every match. So in today’s article, let’s play cockfighting together Liên Minh OKVIP Come discover more interesting related information.

Some interesting information about black chicken scales

The black pin scale, also commonly known as the black needle, is a special type of chicken scale. It has a diamond shape, appears at the feet of fighting chickens and is often found in the position between the wall and the sarcophagus. You need to observe carefully to identify it because it is located close spur That’s why it’s so difficult to identify.

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This is one of the rare and popular lines of chicken scales on the market. Currently, many people are still hunting for these chickens and pushing the price up extremely high.

Which position is most appreciated for the black cock’s scales?

Although this is a sign of the millet body, depending on the location where the scales appear, experts will evaluate differently. In which the good positions according to the master’s Liên Minh OKVIP cockfighting section that is:

Scales are horizontal to the spur

This is a diamond-shaped skirt located between the wall and the sarcophagus, and at the same time spur of fighting chicken feet. According to experts, a horizontal fig is a sign of the cock god, undefeated in every match.

The fighting cock has unique characteristics black chicken scales Horizontal people often have good health and endurance when competing. In addition, his attack style is extremely flexible, extremely aggressive and never gives up. Therefore, the ability of these fighting cocks to successfully defeat all opponents when participating in battle is extremely high. Therefore, if you come across a chicken with this characteristic, you should not ignore it to successfully raise a true chicken.

The chicken’s scales are below the spur

The location of the scales below the spur is quite rare and is sought after by many breeders. However, according to experts, these fighting cocks are not as highly appreciated as chickens with the characteristic of the scales lying horizontally across the spurs. Fighting cocks have weaker kicking power, but are still strong enough to quickly defeat opponents, gain an advantage in the match and attract attention when participating in battle.

Three-talent scales and mysterious brooch

This is a rare case when a cock owns up to 3 cocks black chicken scales next by next. These fighting chickens are the most sought after and loved chickens on the market. The cock’s fighting ability and fighting technique are extremely impressive. In particular, chickens are highly aggressive, easy to win and always confident in defeating all opponents when participating in competitions.

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Does a cock with black brooch scales really fight well?

No matter where chicken scales appear on the legs, all are highly appreciated by experts and identified as the cockroaches to look for. Chickens with this characteristic are often extremely aggressive, have fast attack speed, good fighting skills and endurance. Compared to regular fighting cocks, chickens with black brooch scales will definitely compete better and have a higher chance of winning big.

Every time they participate in matches, these cocks always bring a vibrant, passionate atmosphere with good skills and thrilling situations. Therefore, encounters with the participation of this breed of chickens always receive attention and a huge number of followers.

Share your experience in caring for chickens with standard black scales

Thanks to the outstanding characteristics of fighting cocks black chicken scales Therefore, if you know how to apply good care experience, you will definitely nurture true chickens. Among the secrets of raising fighting chickens that experts have compiled and revealed to you are:

  • You need to pay attention to choosing healthy, disease-free chicken breeds to facilitate raising them.
  • The chicken coop is built to be airy, not kept in centralized confinement, and kept warm enough in the winter.
  • Water troughs and sleeping areas for fighting chickens are regularly cleaned to ensure cleanliness.
  • Develop a specific timetable for appropriate rest, eating and exercise time in each stage of the chicken.
  • Supplement all necessary substances, have chickens use fresh bait and green chicken to increase health.
  • You need to vaccinate your chickens in stages to increase their resistance.
  • Fighting chickens should be given a morning dew bath at 5:00 a.m. every day and allowed to walk if the weather is dry.
  • Let the fighting cocks practice exercises such as running the cage, practicing kicking, practicing rhymes, etc. to practice their skills and stay confident when participating in the match.
  • Massage the fighting cocks with wine regularly and trim their feathers according to regulations.


Above is detailed information about black chicken scales revealed by experts. Hope today’s article Liên Minh OKVIP cockfighting catalog has helped you understand the overview, grasp the experience of choosing standard chickens and answer your related questions.

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