What Are The Distinctions Between Vaping And Smoking Cigarettes?

When you see vape vs rokok, which of them will you choose? Given the many misconceptions surrounding the activity, it may be difficult to understand the differences between vaping and cigarette smoking. In this blog article, you can read more about the impacts of these two tobacco inhalation techniques.

What Differences Do Vaping and Smoking Have?

  1. Changes in how things work

Cigarettes: Tar and nicotine are produced when tobacco is burned at high temperatures (between 800 and 1000 degrees Celsius).

When the host sends power to the atomizer’s heating wire, the heat dissipating in the atomizer core releases chemicals like nicotine and has a smokey flavor (you can also choose an electronic cigarette that does not use nicotine).

  1. Substance variations

Cigarettes: When tobacco is burnt, more than 4000 distinct harmful substances, including tar, nicotine, phenol, alcohol, acid, and aldehyde, are released into the air.

The primary components of electronic cigarette e-liquid are propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), extra flavors, nicotine (which is optionally added), and water. These medications, except nicotine, are safe for human ingestion.

  1. Different usage methods

Cigarettes: Light the tobacco directly, and when it starts to burn, start smoking.

Vaping: After changing the cartridge, turn on the main e-cigarette unit, add the e-liquid, wait a few minutes for it to completely saturate the atomizer’s core, then press and hold the e-cigarette ignition button to smoke. You may start smoking right away by inserting the cartridge into the gadget.

Benefits of Vaping Over Smoking: Take JOYWAI’s vape as an example.

Smoking is one of the riskiest addictions you can develop, thus vaping is safer than smoking. Heart disease, cancer, and other serious health problems are the outcomes.

  1. Vaping Is More Enjoyable Than Smoking Cigarettes: JOYWAI’s vape can concurrently emit juice with sweetness and e-odor, and the sweetness is increased by 20%. This may hide the odor and increase the enjoyment of quitting smoking.


To make the best choice, you must be informed of all the differences between vapes and cigarettes.

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